Svetlana Ryabova

Picture of Svetlana Ryabova

Date of Birth: 03/27/1961

Age: 55

Place of birth: Minsk

Citizenship: Russia

Do what you must, come what may!

- Svetlana, you are such a beautiful woman, agreed to play such an ugly character in the movie `I do not want zhenitsya`?

- Because it seemed to me an interesting role. After all, to some extent, my heroine - Cinderella finally become a princess and has found her prince. During the shooting happened a lot of fun. Many of the scenes were shot in the street. I was in a police uniform with his long ugly nose, and passers-by often coming up to me asking how to get to this or that street. And as the picture was shot in my hometown of Minsk, where I was born and raised, and who know very well, I earnestly answer questions.

- Now somewhere to shoot?

- In the autumn will be released on screens 23-part TV movie `Zakon`. It is a social drama that social significance can be compared with the film `The venue change nelzya`. The action is developed in a small provincial town, where there was a series of terrible ritual murders. I play the role of the wife of the protagonist.

- Actress case you did, the dream life?

- I dreamed about art since childhood. After high school, he entered the Minsk Theatre Institute. A year later went to Moscow. It filed papers in Moscow Art Theatre School and the Shchukin Drama School. Everywhere I was adopted, but chose the school. On our course worked Alexander Schirvindt, who was friends with my teacher Albert Grigorievich Burov, so we almost immediately began to appear in the Theater of Satire. Alexander A. at the course staged `School zlosloviya`. The play was very funny. It looked Valentin Pluchek and invited me to the Theatre of Satire. Here I once got into a play Andrei Mironov `Farewell ceremonies!`. He put it on the play Grigory Gorin for the anniversary of the theater.

- Slava, applause for the artist, like a drug, without which he can not live a day?

- Of course, the recognition of the artist must be, I do not deny it. But to live only for the glory, for the sake of applause? No, that`s not all. There are many other things for which we must live.

- Beautiful woman is usually much harder in life. It is more difficult to find friends and life partner. Do you agree?

- That`s a good question. But it is difficult to answer, because the same woman can be beautiful and happy, and unfortunate.

- In your life everything goes the way you planned, or were some surprises?

- I now have the principle: do what you must, come what may. Previously, of course, there were tears, frustration, feelings, if there is a tone turned or something did not have time. But then, time has shown that the way it should be, correctly, that acted this way and not otherwise.

- What is find an outlet, other than work?

- In life itself, I have it is very interesting. I like to raise children, to watch as they become older. I have two daughters, Sasha and Katya. The eldest daughter of this year will go to school, she was well read, he likes to draw. Kate is 3 years old, and it`s very funny, interesting man. Recently we were guests of the house. Kate decided to dance in front of them. During she tripped and fell while dancing. After sitting on the floor in silence, because the guests were waiting, as she can continue to lead, Kate suddenly languidly rolled her eyes and gave: `Lift, please woman on stsene`. In response, there was a burst of laughter, and together with all the laughing and Katya herself ...

Author: Leonid Gurevich

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