Svetlana Karpinskaya

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Age: 77

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


Svetlana A. Karpinskaya. The actress of the St. Petersburg State Academic Theatre of Comedy im.N.P.Akimova.

It so happens that in his youth, received nationwide recognition with access to the rental of a popular movie, the actor becomes a hostage of one role, and all of it only remembered as a famous character a favorite picture. For many artists such success often turns life and creative drama. Fortunately, the Honoured Artist of Russia Svetlana A. Karpinskaya very different fate. The film "The Girl Without an Address" (1958) was for her happy memories of a happy youth, but bright gift actress fully manifested on the stage the stage of the Theatre Comedy. NP Akimova, where Svetlana Karpinskaya played many roles.

Honored Artist of Russia.

Actor`s work:

1. The Girl Without an Address - 1957 (lyrical comedy)

2. Poddubinskie ditties - 1957 (comedy) 3. Trip - 1961 (Kinopovest)

4. Prince Prosha - 1974 (Cartoon / Fairy Tale)

5. On the rest of your life - 1975 (Drama)

6. Sweet Woman - 1976 (Romance)

7. I`m all right - 1978 (Kinopovest)

8. rundown Kingdom - 1978 ()

9. And there came Bumba ... - 1984 (Kinopovest)

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