Svetlana Abrosimova

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Date of Birth: 09/07/1980

Age: 36

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: United States


Abrosimov Svetlana O. was born July 9, 1980. She is a famous basketball player, currently living and studying in the United States.

Svetlana Abrosimova is one of the most talented Russian basketball. She was born and raised in St. Petersburg. She attended regular school and was the most that neither eat ordinary kid. Only what she stood out from the crowd, it was her fairly high growth and excellent skills in basketball.

At the age of eleven years the girl was carried away by basketball. She spent almost all his free time on the basketball court. The trainers of the future basketball star was the couple Kira and Vladimir Trzheskalam. Athletes wanted to build in St. Petersburg professional basketball team, Svetlana was assigned one of the leading positions.

One day Svetlana went with his team in the United States. There, she played a few matches, and the remaining time was allowed to spend at its discretion. She talked a bit with local athletes. She felt huge difference in that it may offer States and that it can get in Russia.

After this trip, followed by the decision to move to the US athletes and continue obuchenietam. The news came as a severe blow, as if on cue, and on her coaches.

In 1997, Svetlana Abrosimova perfectly proved at the World Cup in the junior category. It was after these events the girl received an offer from the university team coach of Connecticut to pass in their team.

Thus began a career of outstanding basketball players.

At first, in the United States, she constantly felt discomfort and a huge craving for home. But, with time, I got used to it and everything fell into place.

University coach demanded that the athletes is quite serious results, so almost all the time she had to train in order to always be at the highest level.

In 2000 Abrosimov took part in the Olympic Games in Sydney. She joined the team of Russia. But in the 2004 Olympics athlete was disqualified from the Russian Olympic team for unclear and unjustified reasons. The main explanation for what happened is just what Svetlana did not listen to their coaches and the team from St. Petersburg, with the result that it became quite bluntly ignored in Russia.

In 2008, Svetlana Abrosimova will again take part in the competition in the national team of the Russian basketball team.

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