Sven Hedin

Picture of Sven Hedin

Date of Birth: 02/19/1865

Age: 87

Place of birth: Stockholm

Citizenship: Sweden


Sven Anders Hedin (Swede Sven Anders Hedin; p February 19, 1865, Stockholm - 26 November 1952 in Stockholm..) - Swedish explorer, geographer, journalist and writer.

In the period 1893-1909 undertook a major expedition to Tibet and Central Asia, due to which many "white spots" on the world map have been removed. In Tibet alone, he mapped the approximately 170 000 square kilometers.

Despite its primitiveness distance calculation method, many of his maps compiled, compared to today, with only minor errors (the maximum error in the distance, on the estimates of Charles Rosen (1918), was 2%).

Hedin was the last Swedish king who granted the nobility (in 1902, the formal institution of the nobility was abolished in 1975). In 1920-1930 gg. He was perhaps the most famous Swede in the world, his books were opublikovanyvo many countries, including the Soviet Union.

Hedin publicly expressed support for Hitler, during the 2nd World War, published articles and books in support of Germany. Hitler considered him one of his friends. At the same time, at the request of Hedin in Germany were rescued a few Jewish families in Norway - pardoned participants in the conspiracy against the invaders (they replaced the death penalty 10 years imprisonment, with almost all of them survived the war). When in the early 1940s Hedin prepared for printing anti-American book in Germany refused to publish it because it Hedin acknowledged that 1/16 is a Jew and is not going to give up their origin. Nevertheless, when Hitler committed suicide, Hedin wrote an obituary for the newspaper "Dagens Nyheter", where he wrote about it in positive terms.

After the war, at the request of Hedin was pardoned by the German General Falkenhorst, commander of forces in Norway (the death penalty is replaced by a 20-year sentence, and he was soon released).


Selected works

Genom Persien, Mesopotamien och Kaukasien: reseminnen, 1887

Genom Khorasan och Turkestan: minnen fr & # 229; n en resa i Centralasien 1890 och 1891, 1892-93

En f & # 228; rd genom Asien (Travel Asia), 1-2, 1898

Asien - Tusen mil p & # 229; ok & # 228; nda v & # 228; gar 1-2, 1903

& # 214; fver land till Indien 1-2

Scientific results of a journey in Central Asia 1899-1902, 1-7, 1904-07

Transhimalaya: uppt & # 228; ckter och & # 228; fventyr i Tibet 1-3, 1909-12

Fr & # 229; n pol till pol (from pole to pole), 1-2, 1911

Fronten i v & # 228; ster (Western Front) 1915

Kriget mot Ryssland (The war against Russia) 1915

Ein Volk in Waffen: den deutschen Soldaten gewidmet (Armed people: dedicated to German soldiers) 1915

Southern Tibet: discoveries in former times compared with my own researches in 1906-1908, 1-12, 1915-22

Till Jerusalem (in Jerusalem), 1917

En levnadsteckning, 1920

Jehol - Kejsarstaden, 1931

Er & # 246; vringst & # 229; gi Tibet (conquests in Tibet) 1934

Stora h & # 228; stens flykt, 1935

Tyskland - 60 & # 229; r (Germany - 60 years), 1939

Chiang Kai-Shek: marskalk av Kina (Chiang Kai-shek: China Marshal) 1939

Mitt liv som uppt & # 228; cksresande (My life traveler), 1-4 1930

Det k & # 228; mpande Tyskland (under medverkan av Sven Hedin) (Fighting Germany - book written with his participation) 1941

History of the expedition in Asia 1927-1935, 1-4, 1943-45

Utan uppdrag i Berlin (Without instruction in Berlin) 1949

Mina hundar i Asien, 1952