Sushma Goswami

Picture of Sushma Goswami

Age: 25

Citizenship: India

Where is the dependence on Facebook

Sushma Goswami (Sushma Goswami) was only 24 years old when her life was interrupted, and it was interrupted by her own will. It is difficult to say how clean was the mind of a young Indian woman at a time when she used the ceiling fan to tighten the noose around his neck and put an end to this world forever. It happened after a quarrel with all the parents who have accused Sushma in her excessive fondness for the social network Facebook, with which, as you might guess, she was strongly disagrees. Alas, the conflict was so painful to her that it was over as a result of a terrible and irreparable tragedy.

About Sushma I know that she went to school Army Public School in Delhi (Delhi), and then continued her education at the University of DDU University.

It was registered on Facebook has once passed the final exams, and soon her enthusiasm for Internet communication began to occupy more and more time. So, she spent long hours and whole days sitting on the Internet, and not doing, in fact, nothing but communication. When addicted to social networks, and her younger brother, their mother began to express their dissatisfaction. Alas, do she could not - Sushma continued to sit on the network.

We know that everyone - brother and sister - it was a thousand followers in Facebook, and later investigation revealed that Sushma most accurate way to answer every message, and nahodilavremya for other posts.

Houses continued scandals, and one evening a quarrel was so violent that Sushma decided to completely wild act.

So, after her mother, with whom she was quarreling, went to bed, Sushma came up to my room, tied the noose to the ceiling fan and hanged. Her body was found only in the morning, and no doctors could no longer help her.

This story was another in a terrible chronicle scenes, the victims of which people have who have lost reality because of the influence of social networks. Alas, not all of us have a stable nervous system and very few people know that many such experiments with substitute reality simply contraindicated. That`s because many governments are trying to regulate the access of children and adolescents to computers and social networks, and the responsibility for their every move on the network entirely and solely the responsibility of their parents. But the laws are laws, and in the meantime, millions of young people and adolescents with fragile psyche hang over their pages, and for some of them, as happened to Sushma, reality, alas, imperceptibly but irrevocably shifted, and then leaves altogether.

The case of Sushma Goswami was another warning to all who can not absent himself, and not even a minute to forget about their social activities online. This sacrifice - a warning, but as the great hope that it will understand and hear those who is still at risk?