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The Arab- Israeli conflict in the novel "Mornings in Jenin"

Abulgava - bestselling author of `Mornings in Jenin` about the horrors of the Arab- Israeli conflict. What events illuminates her novel ? And what kind of charity work for themselves prefer Abulgava to help the Palestinians ?

The parents were Palestinian refugees Abulgavy War th 1967. Her father was kicked out of the country at gunpoint, and her mother, at the time who studied in Germany (Germany), was not allowed to return home.They reunited in Jordan (Jordan), before you moved to Kuwait (Kuwait), where in 1970 was born Susan.

After the disintegration of the family Abulgavu sent to his uncle in America, where it remained up to five years. Then the girl ` motalas` between different families in Kuwait and Jordan, until 10 years have not appeared in the Jerusalem orphanage. In 13 years, Susan went to Charlotte, North Carolina (Charlotte, North Carolina), where she was adopted. Since then, she has remained in the United States.

Abulgava studied biology in college and enrolled in medical school at the University of Southern California, where she received a master`s degree in the field of neurology. Later she switched to serious journalism and literature. It was published in a variety of large and small US and international newspapers and periodicals.

In 2000, traveling to Palestine (Palestine), Abulgava fell under the action of his memoirs, ` listening to the echoes of his childhood on the slopes of the Mount of Olives. .. `Return to Palestine was the starting point in the political activity of Susan. When the woman heard the reading of the adhan, the call to prayer is obligatory in Islam, she realized how missed all of this, and even cried.

In 2001, she launched a charity project Abulgava `Playgrounds for Palestine`,began to raise funds in the US and around the world to build a children`s slides and swings at playgrounds in Bethlehem (Bethlehem), as well as in other parts of Palestny and refugee camps.

At one time worked at a pharmaceutical company ,Abulgava on the rights of international observers visited Jenin (Jenin) after the Israeli attack on a refugee camp in the city in 2002. On his return to the United States, Susan tried to convey to his colleagues the truth about the suffering of the people in Jenin, but ran into opposition, and a few months later she was fired from the company.

Her debut novel,`Mornings in Jenin`, came out in 2006, originally under the name ` The Scar of David`. This work became a bestseller after the re- release in 2010. Now the novel is available in 26 languages. `Mornings in Jenin` - touches the soul of the story of the lives of four generations of the family, whose share fell ordeal. First, during the Palestinian exodus 1948-son of kidnapped Israeli soldier, and then a family forcibly expelled from a village near Haifa (Haifa).

In his novel ` Abulgava sleduet` for families suffering from the terrible consequences of the War of 1967, the siege of Lebanon (Lebanon),` rezni` in Jenin and the massacre in Sabra and Shatila. The devastation and suffering ,falls on ordinary Palestinians are reflected in the struggle of the main character of the book Amal, whose kidnapped brother Ismail transformed into a hater of Arabs under the name David.

The company `Filmworks Dubai` bought the film rights to the novel ` Mornings in Jenin`. Filming had been scheduled for the end of 2013 th. In the same year Abulgava released a collection of poems under the title `My Voice Sought The Wind`. In addition to his works of art and activism, Susan continues to write on medical topics for magazines and pharmaceutical companies

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