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From the world of fashion to the ring

American boxer ,One of the most promising athletes of our days.

Like many modern women boxers, Anani came to the ring from the world of high fashion. Martial arts Sumya fascinated even in Kansas City (Kansas City), when he was the masseuse. On local self-defense classes she is so impressed with the power of his hitting instructor and excellent shape as a whole, he convinced her to try his hand at boxing.

Anani act professionally beginning in August 1996 ; rings while it is in the ground in the vicinity of Kansas City. Pretty quickly she formed a very, very decent reputation - so, in his fourth match - December 12, 1996 - Sumya sent her rival Catherine Dallem (Katherine Dallam) knocked out so hard-hitting that one later had to be treated for multiple brain injury. In his ninth fight, in March 1998 ,Anani has entered the battle with Andrea DeShong (Andrea DeShong), arch- rival of the current world champion in the welterweight champion Christy Martin (Christy Martin). Sumya managed to defeat Andrea ; 18th December as it had to fight with the Martin. The battle took place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Fort Lauderdale, Florida);by the time of Christie`s including 34 wins in a row. It is, however, in no way did not help her in this battle - Anani believes in the lead from the first seconds of the match and eventually literally destroyed her rival.

The victory over the most Sumyu Martin made even more popular ; on the wave of success, she won four more fight, then 17-nevertheless conceded Britt van Baskirk (Britt Van Buskirk) September of 2000. Almost immediately it became clear that the inevitable rematch ; Anani did not waste time waiting for the next battle with Britt - In May 2001, she became the champion of IBA lightweight champion, successfully defeating Liz Muller (Liz Mueller). October 20 Sumya again once with van Baskirk ,this time winning over her top.

The next opponent Anani became Fred Gibbs (Fredia Gibbs); at stake WIBA champion title in the junior welterweight division. One of the judges named the winner Sumyu, but the other two voted for a draw.

In February 2002, Anani for the third time came to fight against Britt van Baskirk - and won again. 21June 2002, Sumya won his third league title of world class - she was able to wrest from Jane Couch (Jane Couch) escaped from her earlier title of champion WIBA welterweight champion. Jane could not provide convincing Anani resistance - in the fourth round Sumya sent her to a technical knockout. 2November Anani acquired and fourth championship belt - this time in the fight with Lisa Holevayn (Lisa Holewyne) she became IBA champion in the welterweight division.

18th April 2003, again against Sumi vyshlana fight Gibbs - only in order to send a knockout in the first round. Year after Anani did not appear in the ring, returning only in April 2004-second - for a rematch with Holevayn. Lisa claimed the title of champion WIBF and GBU welterweight title ; alas, Anani did not want to give it won.

The last really famous battle was the battle with Anani Dzharamilo Stephanie (Stephanie Jaramillo).At that time, Anani held four world titles and is considered almost the best boxer in the world. For Stephanie is a battle was perhaps the only chance to fight Sumey at the peak of her success - and even the subsequent defeat did not diminish the honor of which was the fight for her.Stephanie was fighting with all forces and forced Anani how to sweat - and thus clearly demonstrated that in the future has the potential to become quite famous athlete

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