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Year of birth : 1970

Age: 45 years

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


In November 1970, on flyers group it was first used the phrase ` punk concert muzyka` for advertising.

`Suicide` - American musical duo playing electronic proto - punk that intermittently performs and records since 1970. The duo consists of frontman - vocalist Alan Vega (Alan Vega), and Reva Martin (Martin Rev), which plays on synthesizers and drum machines. `Suicide` - one of the first musical duets of this kind. Although the band has never been popular with the general public, `Suicide`, however,He had a significant influence on the development of a number of musical genres ; Neath critic Wilson (Wilson Neate) compared them according to the degree of influence of the group `The Clash`. Their debut self-titled album, released in 1977, became a source of inspiration for the synth-pop, techno, electro-industrial `80s and ` 90s and the new wave of electroclash.

In November, 1970of flyers on the group for the first time I used the phrase ` punk concert muzyka` for advertising.

His group called `Suicide` obliged collection comics Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider) called ` Satan Suicide` - favorite comics of Alan Vega. Simple keyboard riffs Reva (first he played badly battered body `Farfisa`, combining it with the blockeffects have not yet moved to the synthesizer) followed by primitive drum machines, providing a pulsating and minimalistic electronic background vocals for the nervous and mumble Vega.

They were the first group, which is used in relation to itself, the term ` pank` pocherpnuv it from the article Bangs music journalist Leslie (Leslie Bangs).`Suicide` were born together with the early New York glam punk movement, creating themselves a reputation for its live performances.

Many of their early concerts were held in the `Mercer Arts Center`, along with bands such as ` New York Dolls` and `Eric Emerson and the Magic Tramps`.Rev and Vega dressed as street thugs with pretensions to artistic taste, and Vega also brandished on stage motorcycle chain. When, in 1973, `Mercer Arts Center` ordered to live long ,` Suicide` played in clubs `Max`s Kansas City` and ` CBGB`. Their first album was re-released with bonus material, including ` 23 Minutes Over Brussels`,recording from a concert of the group, which ended the riots.

Their debut album - `Suicide` (1977) - is considered a classic, especially critics say the composition ` Che`, `Ghost Rider` and ` Frankie Teardrop` - as he wrote Demeron Emerson (Emerson Dameron), ` one of the worst, exciting and absurd things he ever slyshal`. Albums of the late `70s and early` 80s are considered by critics as one of the most influential records of his time that helped shape areas such as indie rock, industrial and even dance music. Nick Cave (Nick Cave), `Gang Gang Dance`,` The Jesus and Mary Chain`, `The Sisters of Mercy`,` She Wants Revenge`, `R.E.M.`,`Radiohead` and Bruce Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen) mentioned that ` Suicide` music has influenced their work.

In 1986, Vega worked with Andrew Eldritch (Andrew Eldritch) from `The Sisters of Mercy` album titled ` The Sisterhood`. Vega and Rev, both released his solo albums ,and the band finished their fifth studio and the last to date album, `American Supreme`, in 2002, a decade after the fourth. Sales, however, were modest, and the reaction of the critics - a very ambiguous. In 2005 came the documentary biography of the group, `Suicide No Compromise`, which contains detailed interviews with Vega and roarand conversations with their famous fans.

In 2008, `Blast First Petite` released a limited edition vinyl EP in honor of the 70th birthday of Alan Vega, which was addressed by a number of famous musicians. The label also issued a box set of 6 CDs `Suicide: 1977-1978` in the same year. In May 2010, the band performed their entire first album in two concerts in London (London)

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