Picture of Suffocation

Year of birth : 1989

Age: 26 years

Place of birth : Long Island, New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


In the history of det-metal band "Suffocation" is a bit aloof. Before her death the appearance was quite primitive, and all the moves are recognizable. "Suffocation" is borrowed something from the other styles (especially at speed metal) , and made the brutal structure more complex. The team was born in New York in 1990. The original lineup included vocalist Frank Mullen, guitarist Doug Cerrito and Terence Hobbs, bassist Josh Baron and drummer Mike Smith.

the band recorded a demo "Reincremation" Shortly after his birth, and a few weeks later to the young team started to show interest in the record companies. Of all the suggestions the band chose "Relapse records". Released on the label in 1991. "Human waste" mini-album hit the listener the combination of textures and metallic grind explosive shock. But that was only the beginning.

Suffocation: Mike SmithV the same 1991 "Suffocation" kneaded mix of hardcore, AIDSmetal and death metal classic called "Effigy of the Forgotten". After the release of this album as a part was replaced, and Baron took place Chris Richards. Recorded with his participation "Breeding The Spawn" has surpassed all expectations. It was very heavy, very rhythmic and artistic album. Following his appearance"Suffocation" spent several months on the road, carrying their brutal activities of the masses and recruiting more and more new fans.

In 1994, there was a regular replacement, and Mike Smith conceded his drums Doug Bon. This drummer recorded the album with the group "Pierced from within" and honestly tapped during the ensuing global tour ,during which "Suffocation" swept across North America and Europe. However, at the end of the tour Bon gone, and a new member of the team was the former drummer "Malevolent creation" Dave Karloss.

Suffocation: Terrance Hobbs In 1998, the musicians used the services of legendary producer Scott Burns and together they prepared a mini-album "Despise the sun". The disc contains the most interesting material in the history of the group, but, unfortunately, went on a tiny label "Vulture rcords", and because of that was available a small number of students. This confluence of events has driven the staff in a coma for a few years.In 2000 he tried to fix the position of the firm "Relapse records", re-released "Despise the sun", but the dissension in the group was not allowed to "Suffocation" move on.

Rumors about the revival of the team started to go in 2002 and, in the end, proved to be true. Slightly modified structure of the gang were as follows : Mike Smith (drums) Terrence Hobbs (guitar), Guy Marcejz (guitar), Frank Mullen (vocals) and Derek Boyer (bass) . Group rvanula s place in the quarry and already okazalas? clash headlining several festivals, where ee bearing on the clock. 2003 -go " Suffocation " poradovali Kills fans piston " Deceit ", and then otpravilis? in the studio, where write -awaited next album.

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