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Year of birth : 1988

Age : 27 years

Place of birth : Southern California, USA

Citizenship : United States


The group was also a fourth member, a kind of mascot - the dog Nowell, Dalmatians named Lou (Lou Dog),which got its name in honor of his grandfather Bradley and appeared on the cover of their book.

From the beginning and until the collapse of the group of participants was unchanged. `Sublime` consisted of vocalist and guitarist Bradley Nowell (Bradley Nowell), drummer and percussionist Goh Bud (Bud Gaugh) and bass player Eric Wilson (Eric Wilson).The group was also a fourth member, a kind of mascot - the dog Nowell, Dalmatians named Lou (Lou Dog), which got its name in honor of his grandfather Bradley and appeared on the cover of their book. In addition, the creation of some of the songs, for example, `New Thrash`, Michael put his hand ` Migel` Heppoldt (Michael `Miguel` Happoldt).In 1996, Nowell, who suffered from drug addiction, died of an overdose of heroin and `Sublime` immediately broke - after the death of the leader of the band did not try to save the group.

Eric Wilson and Bud Goch were childhood friends and grew up in one area of Long Beach. Father Eric Bud taught to play the drums. At school Goch and Wilson, along with the future of manager `Sublime` Michael Heppoldtom formed a punk band ` The Juice Bros`, and around this time Bradley Nowell, who was recently kicked out of the University of California, Santa Cruz (University of California, Santa Cruz) , joined the group.July 4, 1988 `Sublime` played their first gig in a small club.

By the time of the death of Bradley Californian ska team has released 3 albums stuiynyh one ` zhivoy` album, five compilations, three mini - albums and one box set. The debut album titled ` 40 Oz. to Freedom` released only in 1992, because,Following the tradition of the Californian musical movement, the focus group paid a live concert performances in small clubs and parties. Although the album was very popular in the United States (United States), the band achieved commercial success until 1996, when they released their self-titled third album. `Sublime` appeared in stores shortly after Nowell `s death, and was on the 13 th line of the hit parade ` Billboard 200`. He became ` platinovym` six times. The single `What

I Got` reached first place in the `Billboard Alternative Songs chart` and remains the only single the group got to the top spot of the charts. And the fans ,and critics today believe the album `Sublime` classic example of ska.

By 2009, the group for many years how to stop musical activities, has sold more than 17 million copies worldwide, including 10 million only in the United States. In addition to the groups `Green Day`,` No Doubt`, `The Offspring` and ` Rancid`, `Sublime` become one of those teams ,which helped to revive interest in the live audience to the American punk rock in the mid 90 - ies of the last century. It is interesting that on the record one of the songs of the second album, `Robbin` the Hood` (1994), as a guest vocalist appeared Gwen Stefani (Gwen Stefani), who sang while in ska- punk band ` No Doubt`.In 2009, the surviving members of the band decided to rebuild their team with a new lead vocalist and guitarist Roman Ramirez (Roman Rene Ramirez), but a few weeks later after the speech of the updated composition of the group at a music festival `Cypress Hill`, the judge of the LosAngeles (Los Angeles) has imposed a ban on the use of the name `Sublime`. The lawsuit was settled in January 2010, and is now part of, including Ramirez, it appears as `Sublime`

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