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This is based in Chicago quintet, Are believed to be responsible for the development of pomp -rock style (bombastic,pompous arrangements with perfectly matched harmonies and a very full production). Group "Styx", originally called "Tradewinds", and then "TW4", got its name from the river of the dead in Greek mythology. This team took the name itself after the signing of the contract with the "Wooden Nickel" - a branch of "RCA records" in 1972. The structure of "Styx" included Dennis DeYoung (vocals, keyboards), James Young (guitar, vocals), Chuck Panozzo (bass), John Panozzo (born September 20, 1947, USA, from July 16, 1996, Chicago, USA.. ; drums) and John Kurulevski (guitar). Combining elements of the symphony, and progressive rock,they released a number of different highly melodic albums during the early 70s.

Success is not in a hurry to catch up with their composition "Lady", written on "Styx II" CD, released in 1973, hit the US Top 10 only in 1975. Itself this album was able to climb the charts only to the twentieth place.After signing a contract with "A & M Records" and the album "Equinox" in 1975. The composition of the "Styx" John Kurulevski left, and his replacement came Tommy Shaw. It was a real turning point in the band`s career, as Shaw took on the role of lead vocalist and, moreover, was the author of many compositions.Since that time,albums "Styx" had a much greater success than the previous releases of the collective.

The disc "The grand illusion", released in 1977, was the first great success Shaw, reaching sixth place in the "Billboard" charts. The single "Sail Away" reached the eighth position. "Grand Illusion" stayed on the charts for nine months.The next two disc "Pieces of eight" and "Cornerstone" consolidated their success, and "Babe" became the first single in their history, topped the US charts.

"Paradise theater", followed by a powerful tour "Styx" was a concept album. The release came in the heaped and expensive packaging.Two songs from it : "The Best Of Times" and "Too Much Time On My Hands" hit the US Top 10. The album itself was their greatest success in the history of the group, taking as much as three weeks the first position in the charts. "Kilroy Was Here", the second concept album "Styx", almost repeated the success of "Paradise theater",although it was more a tribute to his predecessor than its own merits. "A live" "Caught in the act" turned out to be rather weak and poorly bought up. Shortly after its release, the group was disbanded.

"Styx" reunited in 1990 in the original lineup, with the exception of Glenn Bartnik, replacing Tommy Shaw (who joined the "Damn Yankees").Release of the album "Edge of the century" has shown that the group still has in its arsenal, something that we can offer students. As stated in one of the songs from this CD "Not dead yet" group is not dead. In 1999, Dennis De Young was replaced by keyboardist and vocalist Lorenz Govan. With Shaw returned, but without John Panozzo,"Styx" continues to play and record.

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