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Year of birth : 1989

Age: 26 years

Place of Birth : Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Citizenship : United States


In the early 90`s a few fans of wrestling from Atlanta huddled together in one pile, and to find at similar musical tastes, organized the project "Stuck Mojo". The original composition of the band included guitarist Rich Ward, bassist Dwayne Fowler, drummer Brent Payne and a black singer Bonzo parallel responsible for the lyrics. Despite,that their style was often criticized at first, and concerts often accompanied by cries of offensive guys persevered to mix hip- hop with metal and, in the end, have a contract with the "Century Media".

In 1995 they released their debut album, "Snappin` Necks". In its support for the Euro-American tour it was organized ,during which "Stuck Mojo" had a chance to play with "Machine Head" and "Slapshot".

At the beginning of 1996 came EP "Violated", which contained a few new songs and a couple of "live" tracks. The rhythm section was replaced by the time : basuhu took torment Corey Lowery and drums got Badu Fontseru. The same structure was going to his home in Atlanta " 360 Studios", with producer Daniel Bergstrand ("Meshuggah") and Devin Townshend recorded the second full-length album, "Pigwalk".

Stuck Mojo album sales were slightly larger than its predecessor, however, had a significant impact on their intensive touring gainswhere "Stuck Mojo" performed with commands like "Type O Negative" and "Testament". The real breakthrough came in 1998, kogdavyshel third LP group. Produced by a former member of "Sabbat" Andy Sneap and stuffed crushing rhythms and razor-sharp guitars, "Rising" is quite lived up to its name.Disc Edition was 50,000 copies, making it the best-selling release of "Century Media" until the appearance of "Comalies" from "Lacuna Coil".

Pop album also promoted the use of its decoration restlerskoy paraphernalia and engaging for recording clip "Rising" the then WCW star Diamond Dallas Page, Raven and the Flock. Before the American tour of 1999 Corey Lowery ran in "Life of Agony", and was replaced by Dan Dryden of "Belt Fed".

Stuck Mojo Updated composition traveled across the United States in the company of "Sevendust", "Clutch", "Skinlab", "Nothingface", HED (P.E.), And also noted in a number of European festivals. In the spring of 1999,when "Stuck Mojo" performed at Atlanta, it was recorded live album " HVY 1 ", which additionally placed two studio tracks straight from the tin. Despite the fact that this album, as well as the subsequent "Declaration Of A Headhunter" sold quite well, it was announced the dissolution of the "Stuck Mojo" at the end of 2000. Bonzo do the project " 420 the Monks " and "Dead Gospel", and Ward, Fontser and Dryden became members of "Fozzy". In 2001, the "Century Media" goodbye autteykov released a compilation "Violate This", but as it turned out, this was not the end of history.

A couple of years the band on the eve of New Year holidays has appeared in "Masquerade" her favorite of the club, and in 2005, the bosses ,Ward and Fontser teamed with bassist Sean Delson to record a new album under the banner of "Stuck Mojo". First release was planned for 2006, but then something came to a halt, and Fontser gone, replaced by Rodney of "Dead Gospel".

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