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The legendary American player in poker and gin rummy, recognized at the time the best in the history of ` igrokom`. Very bright card of his career was cut short - he died at age 45 from a drug problem.

Stuart Errol Ungar (Stuart Errol `Stu` Ungar) was born in 1953 in Manhattan (Manhattan`s Lower East Side), into a Jewish family. His father was a moneylender ,and it was in his father`s bar Stu for the first time introduced to the cards - the local mafia have converted it into a gambling house. So, soon showed a talent for the game, the young Unger perfectly played Gin Rummy (Gin Rummy). Those wishing to play a cocky boy was enough, but few managed to win the young genius card.

In 1966-m from a heart attack died father Stuart, and he had become the breadwinner for his mother and sisters. So, knowing how to make money in only one way, the game, Stu is sinking deeper into the world of gambling. School, he had already scored.

In 18 years, Stu made friends with the crime boss Victor Romano (Victor Romano),which was then considered one of the best card players. So, having obtained very influential patron, Unger started playing for high stakes. Very soon it is already known as an extremely arrogant, cocky and arrogant player who did not have a drop of respect for their opponents. However,reputation Stu little worried - he was then a kind of sick monetary fever, earning game fabulous sums, and on the other hand it has already started with the drug problem. In addition to cards, he always loved racing, and often all that he was able to win at the card table, was immediately thrown to the wind on the racecourse.

In 1977-m Unger first appeared in Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada), by the time he was with his girlfriend Madeline Wheeler (Madeline Wheeler), who in 1982 became his legal wife.

So, in Las Vegas, Stu, who until then was the player of gin rummy, switched to poker, and very soon he began to work at the poker table miracles. So,he managed to win a poker of Billy Baxter (Billy Baxter), who was considered one of the strongest players of the time. Anger losing his $ 40,000, Baxter later recalled that when he first saw Stu, then almost laughed in his face, so he looked serious. Young,Anger little growth and really did not look like a powerful opponent. However, as soon as the game began, Baxter had to admit that this guy is a formidable and aggressive opponent.

In 1980 Angerprovel his first WSOP poker tournament, where in the end he got a rival poker legend Doyle Brunson (Doyle Brunson). However,nothing if not stopped Stu become the youngest WSOP winner. He won the tournament and the following year received a second bracelet.

We know that despite its fabulous prizes, Stu had never been able to dispose of their money. Hippodrome, bookmakers, drugs - this is what was eventually the reason that his wife left him ,taking with them and their daughter. Stu, meanwhile, continued to sink to the bottom.

He was very generous with friends and even with strangers - so Unger easily pay in restaurants for ` vseh`, throw money, generously shared and hosted parties.

Later, those who knew Stu close, was told that he could wake up a millionaire, and in the evening to get bogged down in debt.error status: 400Stu Ungar continued to teeter on the edge - he won and lost huge sums of money to scatter, lost somewhere for weeks, and sometimes months, and what is more painful, firmly sitting on drugs.

That drugs and eventually cost him his life - 22 November 1998 Stu Ungar was found dead in a room of a cheap motel `Oasis` in Las Vegas. An autopsy revealed the presence of drugs in the body of Stu, but for the death of this was still not enough. As a result, forensic doctors concluded that Unger died from heart disease, which was caused by long-term drug use.

It is noteworthy that Ungar, who won for their lives, millions are not left behind nothing at all ,and his funeral was paid for by his friend Bob Stupak (Bob Stupak). He was buried in the Palm Valley View Memorial Park in East Las Vegas.

Stu Ungar, and today is considered one of the greatest card player, his name is very high in the world of poker. His superagressivnoy game, incredible luck and the ease with which Unger lost ,still legendary. However, what he did with his life, usually try to conceal.

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