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Another year and a half ago, they had to know did not know and had never heard. Today, THE STROKES almost the main hope of the rock of the planet earth.

Another year and a half ago, they had to know did not know and had never heard. Today, THE STROKES almost the main hope of the rock of the planet earth. Who are they? Five young men from New York who nazyyut themselves The Strokes: singer / songwriter Julian Casablancas, guitarists Nick Valensi and Albert Hammond Jr., bassist Nikolai Freycher and drummer Fabrizio Moretti. The oldest of them - 23 years old, the youngest - 20 years. They are very fashionable and stylish look : tight jacket, pink tie ,narrow and short pants, shoes - in general, the real capital things.

What do they play ? Music The Strokes is very easy to describe in two words - a New York rock and roll. The band members were born and raised in New York, in Manhattan, which allowed them to become the quintessence of all the New York teams : this is all the aggressiveness of the gray pavements ,packed into the cold arrogance of black leather. Their music can be heard and angular guitar skirmishes Television, and jumping pop of Blondie, and impudent irritation Lou Reed, but most of it from the main New York legend - avant -arts group the Velvet Underground. The Strokes damn good look at them caught up stylesTheir music seems very natural, and their sound does not seem out of date. In their frantic songs they talk about love, hate, lust and painful cutting knife mutual misunderstanding. All the frustrations of youth presented photogenic New York bards from inadvertent deep.What did they do? The first concert of The Strokes played in the autumn of 1999 in the New York club `The Spiral`. ` We are not making any plans how to start, where to. We act according to circumstances. Everything happened gradually - says Valensi. - At our first concert was six spectators - all our friends. In the second they were already twenty, and so ,Little by little, the number of spectators increased, largely due to the handed down by word of mouth rumors about our show. Then we began to fill large halls - and as it turned out, I really do not know. ` In January 2001, the legendary British indie label Rough Trade released a demo tape with three songs the group as `The Modern Age EP`.This record has provoked this war between a group of record companies, the winner of which got the company RCA. Meanwhile, The Strokes fame has reached the shores of the UK and throughout the year there was growing exponentially. Curiously, the debut album of The Strokes `Is This It?` Came out first in England ,which instantly I got on top of the charts, and then - at home, in the United States. Music journalists beat in ecstasy, the price of the ticket to their concert speculators up to 200 pounds or more, and the musicians have already expressed their displeasure of the crowd envy and anxiety, which gives life in the public eye. Can you hear it? If you are a music lover with experience if you watch carefully the developments in the world of pop / rock music or just want to put your friends with something new and trendy at the party - you draw it in full view. Do not listen to The Strokes only those for whom the concept of ` fashion muzyka` still associated exclusively with electronics ,DJs and other breakbeat. The question ` who reminds The Strokes?` Devoid of any meaning. They play as if the rock was invented just now, if today the 60s and rock - the music of the young.

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