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Year of birth : 2006

Age: 9 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

Music that comes from the ` serdtsa`

`Street Sweeper Social Club` - rap-rock supergroup ,which is led by guitarist `Rage Against the Machine` Tom Morello (Tom Morello) and vocalist Boots Riley (Boots Riley), who became famous after the release of several albums with the group ` The Coup`.

In the last decade the number of so-called ` supergrupp` - bands ,and participants are well -known musicians - has increased significantly. There are many opinions on this subject: someone says that it ` nastoyaschaya` music that comes from the ` serdtsa` ; others believe that this is all done for the purpose of advertising the main team members.

For the musicians themselves - a lot of money ,as the cost of tickets for concerts supergroups is much higher than if the musicians performed the regular tour with his band.

I was no exception and Tom Morello, a young musician and guitarist, star rock band `Rage Against the Machine`. The idea, as we know, he nurtured for a long time : in 2003-the year he became acquainted with Bootsy Riley (Boots Riley) during his tour `Tell Us the Truth Tour`. Not just musicians appeared together on stage : so, for example, during one of the concerts `The Nightwatchman` - side project Morello - Riley appeared on the scene, which remained there until his graduation. During one of the dinner together, Tom made a formal proposal to the musician to create a band and play hymns revolyutsii` ` what the next fellow on stage said yes. Within a few weeks the musicians podgotavliali material, and at the beginning of the year 2008 for the first time performed the song ` 100 Little Cures`,became the first collaboration of two musicians.

After the concert, Morello has announced that in 2009, the fans will be able to hear the first record of the group.

Shortly thereafter, `Street Sweeper Social Club` went on tour to the United States together with the guys from the American industrial rock group ` Nine Inch Nails`.

In the spring of 2009-year released a mini - album `Nine Inch Nails`, which were also a few songs by themselves ` Street Sweeper Social Club`, called itself then simply `Street Sweeper`.

After returning from the tour the band began to spend more time recording the album, in which he helped the drummer Stanton Moore (Stanton Moore), who ,Unfortunately the musicians did not want to stay in a group for future concerts. Only 14 April 2009, the band settled on the choice of the name of the collective. And two months later appeared on store shelves plate `Street Sweeper Social Club`, released on the label ` Warner Music Group`. The CD consists of 12 songs ,written by the musicians in different periods of creativity. However, despite the high positions in the charts - 37 in the `U.S. Billboard 200` and 4 line in `U.S. Top Independent Albums` - music critics were extremely dissatisfied with the plate.

Interestingly even the factthat after only 5 days after the start of sales of all the tracks from the album poyavilisna official group page on the social network MySpace.

In 2010, the `Street Sweeper Social Club` pleased their fans a mini - album ` The Ghetto Blaster`, which includes their own songs and a few covers of artists such compositions ,James Smith (James Smith) and M.I.A. Also Morello and Riley in the recording of the album and other musicians took part, including Carl Restivo (Carl Restivo), Dave Gibbs (Dave Gibbs) and Eric Gardner (Eric Gardner).

In an interview, vocalist, Boots Riley, said that the second album will be released soon ,however, no official information yet, and fans can only wait

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Street Sweeper Social Club picture
Street Sweeper Social Club photo
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