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Among psychedelic fog late 60s, dirty, noisy and cold rockand roll, which produced "Stooges" completely dropped out of the time.

Like the "Velvet underground" group showed the dirtiest side of the triad - sex, drugs and rock `n` roll. With its roots in the British blues, the American garage rock and psychedelia ` Doors` ", " Puppets " were with the cheeses, immediate and vulgar. But the team ,although it was the sensation of the underground was too dangerous to join the mainstream. By releasing only three albums "Stooges" disbanded, leaving a legacy for the myriad of indie bands. as Iggy Pop himself later became a cult figure.

And he began his career James Osterberg in the mid-70s ,Michigan playing in various teams, the most famous of which were "Prime movers" and "Iguanas". Being once in Chicago, he came to the concert "Doors", performing the great impression on the artist and which pushed for the creation of "Stooges". Taking the name Iggy Stooges ,James was invited to visit the company of brothers Ron (guitar) and Scott (drums) Eshetonov and bassist Dave Alexander. In this configuration, the group debuted with a concert to students at the University of Michigan on Halloween holiday.

Over the next year, the team toured the Midwest, earning scandalous popularity.Particularly " fun," Iggy audience, always go on stage without a shirt and smear the blood on the steaks, the peanut butter. Carving glass on the body and in the audience were jumping for frontman commonplace. As a matter of fact the underground group, "Stooges" still managed to get to the major label. It happened in 1968 in Detroit ,where staff opened concerts "MC5". Representatives were present there "Elektra" at the same time decided to sign to itself and warming up the team. Produced by John Cale `s debut self-titled album "Stooges" will hit the stores in 1969.

The album caused a storm of enthusiasm in the underground press ,but the masses did not recognize this kind of music, and the release sold poorly. When the musicians came together to record a second album, it turned out that all of them thoroughly addicted to drugs. In concert, it was expressed not only in the obnoxious antics of Iggy, but also in the fact that the group only breakwater to keep "afloat" some simple dvuhakkordny riff.It is not surprising, therefore, that atonal noise that prevailed in the "Fun house", very few people are attracted, and disc edition was even smaller than its predecessor.

"Stooges" plunged into the abyss of disintegration and Iggy Pop waged an unequal struggle with heroin. Soon after Alexander left the team, Ron Esheton moved to bass, and new guitarist James Williamson began. However, the new configuration could not create anything worthwhile except for a few demos. From two-year depression, " a puppet " helped out David Bowie, who was then at the peak of fame after his " Ziggy Stardust ". He made for a group contract with "Columbia" and organized the third recording of the album. "Raw power" had a positive response to the surprise, but commercial success is still passed the "Stooges", and the team finally collapsed. Iggy Pop with the help of the same Bowie managed to get rid of heroin addiction and began a solo career. Only at the beginning of the next millennium Iggy decided for some time to revive the glorious name of "Stooges"

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