Stone Sour

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Year of birth : 1992

Age: 23 year

Place of birth : Des Moines, Iowa, United States

Citizenship : United States


Named after the alcoholic cocktail, "Stone sour" project ,It started its activities in 1992 in the music scene Des Moines (Iowa) .

The founders of the gang became the vocalist Corey Taylor and drummer Joel Ekman. Soon after the founding of the group to these two guys joined longtime friend bassist Shaun Taylor Economaki. Determine the direction of the team was not, but the guys know how to write good songs. No entries "Stone sour" did, but mostly specialized in performances in various clubs.

The biggest problem in the team were guitarists - they are constantly coming and going, some of the individual bother to play just one concert. This issue was solved only in 1995 ,when the ranks of the "Stone sour" joined Jim Root. His appearance marked the end of leapfrog reshuffle.

Stone sourTem time the band continued to produce music, mixed with the slaughter of hard rock, but the guys did not stick to a certain genre. But the idyll did not last long and ended in 1997,when Corey Taylor dumped in "Slipknot", leaving his colleagues to understand the future challenges. Joel Ekman engaged in family affairs. Jim Ruth pondered over the future of about a year, and then moved up to Taylor in "Slipknot". There was also Shaun, who became their stage manager.

From "Stone sour" like there were only memories, liquid ,suddenly in 2000, before Taylor brought his former colleague in the group and a longtime friend of the guitarist Josh Rand. He presented to the Cory a few new songs and they were together for almost a year and a half, modifying the material (which later became the basis of "Stone sour" album) .

Stone sourKogda work came to an end ,Taylor and Rand were so satisfied with the result, they decided to revive his former team in the original composition. And now, after almost six years since the last joint concert by former colleagues came together again in his native Des Moines. At first the guys would take a new name, but sorting through a few options ("Project X","Superego", "Closure"), they agreed that it would be foolish to give up the old signs, and thus "Stone sour" again appeared on the musical horizon. The quintet signed to the "Roadrunner records", which is also based and "Slipknot".

Studio team debut at the beginning of 2002 ,when the composition "Bother" heard in the soundtrack of "Spiderman". A little later in the same year the band released their debut album "Stone sour". The CD debuted in the Top 50 Billbordovskom, and has sold 25,000 in its first week of sales. A year later, the album went " gold " and its circulation has reached half a million copies.

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Stone Sour photo
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