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Date of Birth: 05/03/1933

Age: 83

Place of birth: New York

Citizenship: United States

popularizer of science

Steven Weinberg (Steven Weinberg) was born in 1933 in New York (New York City), the United States into a Jewish family. After graduating from school in 1950 in the Bronx (Bronx High School of Science), Steven went to Cornell University (Cornell University), received a bachelor`s degree in 1954. The next, a doctorate, Weinberg received at Princeton University (Princeton University) in 1957.

After defending his doctoral dissertation Weinberg worked at Columbia University (Columbia University), and also taught at the University of California at Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley). Since 1973, Weinberg worked at Harvard University (Harvard) for the posts of professor of physics; By the way, this post he inherited from Julius C. Schwinger`s (Julian Schwinger). At the same time, he served as chief and research fellow at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory).

The area of ??interest of the scientist is quite broad - vysokoenergicheskoe povedeniediagramm Feynman, neutral current weak interactions, symmetry breaking, scattering theory, physics, muons, and many other topics; Weinberg himself admits, many of its themes he chose because he wanted `to understand yourself in some areas fiziki`.

In 1979, Steven Weinberg won the Nobel Prize in Physics (Nobel Prize in Physics) for the contribution to the `unified theory of weak and electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles, including the prediction of the weak neutral currents`. The award he shared with Sheldon Glashow (Sheldon Glashow) and Abdus Salam (Abdus Salam). `We can study the matter only at low temperatures, which seems to have spontaneously broken symmetry, so that nature does not look simple or single ... But watching long and hard, we can reveal the shape of symmetries, which, though broken, are namely the principles that govern all nuclear phenomena `- Weinberg said in his Nobel lecture.

It is a great scientist, a Weinberg and popularizer of science - he testified before the US Congress, proving the need for the construction of Superconducting Super Collider (Superconducting Super Collider). Weinberg - the author of numerous articles for the `New York Review of Books`.

Books by Steven Weinberg popularize science, particularly physics, and combine it with the history and philosophy. His books abound aphorisms and witty episodes while they are written in a surprisingly lively and figurative language. For example, in `Dreams of a Final Theory `(Dreams of a Final Theory: The Search for the Fundamental Laws of Nature), published in 1993, the author is looking for a single fundamental theory of nature, which would explain the diversity of the phenomena of the world and would not need in any other principles.

An earlier book scholar, `The first three minutes` (The First Three Minutes: A Modern View of the Origin of the Universe), became a classic of the theory of the Big Bang - existing today look at the origin of the universe. Among other books Weinberg - `subatomic theory chastits` (The Discovery of Subatomic Particles) and `Gravitation and Cosmology: fundamentals and applications of the general theory of otnositelnosti` (Gravitation and Cosmology: Principles and Applications of the General Theory of Relativity). Steven Weinberg - a member of the Royal Society (Royal Society of London), the American National Academy of Sciences (American Academy of Arts and Sciences) and many other scientific communities. In addition, he - an honorary doctor of many universities.

Wife of Steven Weinberg - Weinberg Louise (Louise Weinberg), a lawyer, a professor of the Law School of the University of Texas (University of Texas School of Law).

It is known that in the preface to the book `Dreams of a Final Theory` Steven Weinberg wrote: `I am deeply grateful to Louise Weinberg, forced me to re-write the first version of this book and explain how it should be done `.

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