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He is a famous American musician, once a former member of the "Guns N` Roses" the legendary rock band.

Steven Adler born January 22, 1965 in the United States. He is a famous American musician ,once a former member of the legendary rock band "Guns N` Roses".

Steven Adler was born in Cleveland, Ohio. At a young age he had to alter parents` divorce, and then with his mother and sister, he moved to Los Angeles.

Steven Adler graduated from normal school California. During his studies, he met future guitarist "Guns N` Roses" Slash.

Teenagers have a lot of common interests, they adored and loved rock about being noisy. Steven and Slash became best friends. After class, they sometimes rehearsed, Slash began to learn to play guitar, and Steve on drums. Their first band was called "Road Crew".After high school, Steven Adler was determined to pursue her musical career. It was like free life RocknRolla, he liked the adrenaline and drive test on performances.

Adler " overgrown " musical relationship and love. But not everything went smoothly. At the drummer began to have serious problems with drugs. It serzno effect on his work.

team "Guns N` Roses" was formed in 1985. But their team lacked a drummer. Climb friends chose the candidacy of Adler. For several years, Steven Adler (Steven Adler) is fully given to the creativity of the team. Together they have released two albums ,some of which went multi-platinum.

In 1987, Adler began to have serious problems with the staff. The cause of quarrels and troubles began periodically drinking and daring antics. One especially Steven injured his hand, then for a long time could not play

Then began a drug problem. Because of this, he often missed not only a rehearsal ,but advance planning concerts. Discontent in the group became more and more. No one wanted to "pull the hand " spree drummer, though perhaps it was then that he desperately needed a friendly help.

In early 1990, the group openly talk that Adler should be replaced. And in July, the drummer was officially dismissed.Steven Adler was angry at his former comrades. drummer has filed a statement of claim on "Guns N` Roses" in October 1991. After the scandalous trials Steven Adler (Steven Adler) received compensation for damages in the amount of $ 2.5 million.

After parting with "Guns N` Roses" Steven Adler engaged in the same project ,he began to rebuild the group "Road Crew". But the project was unsuccessful.

Since 2005, Adler started to rebuild relationships with musicians "Guns N` Roses". And in 2009 it is going to create a project with a slash

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Steven Adler picture
Steven Adler photo
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