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Year of birth : 1966

Age: 49 years

Place of birth : San - Francisco ,California

Citizenship : United States


Steve Miller was born in Milwaukee 5 October 1943. His mother was a singer and his father in his spare time engaged zvukorezhisserskimi affairs, so it is not surprising that in 4 years the boy got his first guitar. The house was always full of all kinds of music and okolomuzykalnyh personalitiesand in five years, Steve taught to handle tools.

When the guy knocked 12 short years, he and his older brother formed his first rock `n ` roll team, "Marksmen". This group, in which Miller has invited his friend singer " Boz " Skeggza lasted 5 years. After school, Steve enrolled in the University in Madison ,where he created his second band, "Ardells", what helped him all the same Skeggz.

Inspired by blues, Miller relocated to Chicago, where he had to share the stage with such masters of the genre like Muddy Waters, Howlin `Wolf and Buddy Guy. But the Chicago case Steve did not work out, and he went to seek his fortune in San Francisco. Exactly there,in company with Tim Davis (drums) , James " Curley " Cook (guitar) and Lonnie Turner (bass) he organized the " Steve Miller Band ". Pervye sostoalis? concerts in January 1967 -go, whereby group clash already sniskala success in the audience. Year of the same year ensemble took part in " Monterey pop festival ," and then he performed together with Cakom Berri. Steve Miller bandSrazu after Monterey band signed to the "Capitol records", and Miller engaged permutations. Calling under the banners of Bosa Skeggza, he also replaced the Cook Jim Peterman. The debut album, "Children Of The Future", recorded in England with Glyn Jones was admitted benevolently, but still first success came with "Sailor",reached the Top 40 and contained the hit bagatelle "Living in the U.S.A.". Further fluctuations in the composition continued - first left tired of Petermann tour and then Skeggz leaned his solo career. Despite the constant personnel changes up to 1972 album "Steve Miller band" continued to come very regularly ,some of them ("Brave New World", "Number 5 ") held good positions in the charts.

In 1972, Miller was in a car accident, resulting in eight months, then came to himself. After his recovery "Steve Miller band" composed of Steve (guitar, vocals) Gerald Johnson (bass) , Dickie Thompson (keyboards) Jack King (drums) recorded the new album sounding "The Joker". But the accumulated fatigue for a long time once again fell upon Miller, and he dismissed the team, having been engaged in quiet preparation of new material for two albums. Steve Miller bandKogda was time sessions "Fly Like An Eagle" Steve invited me Lonnie Turner and Gary Mallabera (drums) , and write "Book Of Dreams" has added keyboardist Byron Allred. Both albums were full of hits and became four times platinum. Before recording "Circle of love" Turner was replaced by Gerald Johnson ,and a year later the team joined the rhythm guitarist Kenny Lee Lewis. another platinum album "Abracadabra", which contained the most famous hits "Steve Miller band" was released with him in 1982. The following year, a live album (both in audio and in video version) was published, and in 1984 there was the first digital recording of the group, "Italian X Rays".The next work came out in 1986, and the second side plate Miller returned to his blues roots. These compositions were then in the video "Blues in the 20th Century". Blues trend continued in the "Born 2B Blue", where Steve completely revamped squad. The last studio album was the album "Wide river",and all subsequent time Miller involved in the release of collections. However, the contribution of "Steve Miller band" in the development of rock music is enormous, as evidenced by at least the fact that the "Greatest Hits 1974-78" (do not include major hit, "Abracadabra") sold worldwide circulation more than 13 million copies.

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