Steve Brodie

Picture of Steve Brodie

Date of Birth: 12/25/1861

Age: 39

Place of birth: New York

Citizenship: United States

The famous jump Steve Brodie

Steve Brodie was born December 25, 1861 in New York, shortly after his parents-Irish came to the United States (United States). He was not known nothing remarkable, until he was 25 years old. Posted in the newspaper `New York Times` was that Brodie was training for this jump, making less dangerous jumps from other bridges and masts of ships, and that the witnesses that were two reporters. According to their stories, the young man jumped feet first into the East River (East River) and out of the water without damage, although felt a pain in his right side. After the jump Brody went to jail for violating the public peace. `The Times`, describing Steve mentioned that in his youth he worked part time as a paperboy, and later became an athlete, a competitor in race walking long distances, and that he jumped from the bridge on a dare to win $ 200.

A few months earlier, a daredevil named Robert Odlum (Robert Odlum) died trying to do the same, so the achievement to reach the first s pages of New York newspapers and, ultimately, became something of a urban legend or urban myth. As with most urban legends, this incident was probably a fake, because the chance to survive by jumping from a height of 135 feet is virtually zero. Skeptics were this fact (the jump from the bridge) into question. Subsequently, more than once stated that a friend and accomplice Brodie dropped from the bridge mannequin, and the `prygun` jumped in the water out of the boat and hid under a nearby jetty and swam as close to the scene of the accident rescue boat. It should be noted that, according to Brody, he repeated the trick in 1888, jumping from the railway bridge in Poughkeepsie (Poughkeepsie`s Railroad Bridge), and the news of this dubious event could not pass by a local newspaper.

Brodie proved shrewd enough to take advantage of its wide popularity. He starred in vaudeville dengi` `Mad (Mad Money, 1891) and `The Baueri` (On the Bowery, 1894), in which he re-created his legendary jump on the stage and the bar has become a popular tourist attraction and a kind of museum. Among the exhibits were sketches of his jump, clothing, which was then on it, and an affidavit of the barge captain who fished out of the river Steve. For some time, Brodie became a famous person, and his name became a household word and a few years became a slang. Saying `pull a Brodie` or` do a Steve Brodie` has come to mean to do something bright and opasnoPo said humorist Al Boliski (Al Boliska), professional boxer Jim Corbett (Jim Corbett) once brought his father, a priest, in Brodie bar. Senior Corbett reached out his hand and said: `I always wanted to meet a man who jumped over the Brooklyn most`. `He has not jumped over the bridge, Saint otets`, - said Jim. - `He jumped from nego`. `Vzdor`, - said the old man to go. `I thought he jumped over it. Any damn fool can jump with him! `

Brody died of tuberculosis 31 January 1901 in San Antonio, Texas (San Antonio, Texas). Under the same stone buried his wife Bridget (Bridget Brodie), who died two years after the famous jump at age 26, and son, not mentioned on the tombstone. George Raft (George Raft) played Brody in the movie `Baueri` (The Bowery, 1933).

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