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BiographyHe is a professional musician, producer and director. Some time was a member of the group "Big Black" and "Rapeman".

Steve Albini born July 22, 1962 in the United States. He is a professional musician, producer and director. Some time was a member of the group "Big Black" and "Rapeman".

Steve Albini was born in Pasadena, California.In 18 years, their family moved to the province of a small Montana town. As a schoolboy, Steve became interested in music. He started learning to play the guitar turned out that he is not bad. Great influence on the earlier work of Albini had a group of "Ramones". Steve chose a daring and unusual direction. He started to play a real punk rock that sometimes kept his scrip, not only his parents, but neighbors.

After high school, Steve Albini was accepted into Northwestern University. He went on to musical creativity and a lot of time to rehearse.

Steve continued to be interested in punk rock. He has already managed to thoroughly examine all the artists of this movement, and in his spare time moonlighting as a journalist for local magazines dedicated to alternative music.

In 1982, Steve Albini (Steve Albini) founded his first band. The team is named "Big Black". The group has released only two albums. In 1986, they announced their breakup.

Neudachane stopped talented musician. In 1987, he creates his second project, which is named "Rapeman". But the group did not survive the grueling rehearsals and constant challenges and a year later they broke up.

In 1992, do not despair,Steve Albini decided at the next informal musical project. At that time, he already has significant ties in music circles and a clear intention to make a group megapopulryanoy.

This creates group "Shellac". The group exists to this day. During the activity, they released several brilliant albums.Last disc was released in 2007.

In addition, Steve Albini (Steve Albini) is a good musician and singer, he has succeeded in markedly as a producer. For many years he experimented with sound recording, achieving the highest quality results.Through his masterful talent engineer albums of bands like "Nirvana", "Chevelle", "Godspeed You! Black Emperor "," The Jesus Lizard ", and many others, have begun to sound in a new way.

Steve Albini`s extremely talented and musically educated person. He was always aware of the latest trends in the music industry ,It is one of the most influential people of the modern rock.

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