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In the late 60 -ies of the group with his nervous uncompromising rock `n` roll symbolized the tumultuous social and political processes taking place in society.The energetic style of "Steppenwolf" helped lay the foundations of hard rock `70s, the term" heavy metal "was first heard in their song "Born to be wild".Besides the most famous biker anthem in baggage group were also other rock standards: "Magic carpet ride", "Rock me" and "Monster". Over the period of "the Steppenwolf" has sold over 25 million albums, their songs sounded in 50 movies, and classic rock radio stations still put "wolf" on the air composition.The permanent leader and the founder of the team is John Kay (Joachim Fritz Krauledat, p. 12 April 1944) . His childhood was spent in Hanover, where "infected" the American rock `n` roll that sounded on the radio. Move closer to their idols lad managed in 1958, when he and his family moved to Toronto.It was here that John plunged into rock music, devoting all her spare time. In the mid-60s Kay joined the blues- rock band "Sparrow". For several years the team has worked in Canada, earning a decent popularity there, he moved to California.

SteppenwolfTam John met with the representative of "Dunhill Records" Geybrielom Meckler,who invited him to assemble a new composition and record on his label. A little thought, Kay took with him the two partners in the "Sparrow" - drummer Jerry Edmonton and keyboardist Goldy McJohn and the remaining vacancies filled the gifted 17 -year-old guitarist Michael Monarch and bassist Rushton Moreva.Newly formed team dubbed the "Steppenwolf" in honor of the eponymous the works of Hermann Hesse. In 1968 they released their debut album, style is a hard blues- rock with a "dirty" vocals Kay. The album contained the powerful song "Born to be wild", sounded in the film "Easy rider", which made the group a favorite of bikers.For the debut followed a series of successful albums, almost all of which contain at least one hit. So, on "The Second" sounded classic "Magic carpet ride", "At your birthday party" was accompanied by the song "Rock me", trapped in the top ten, "Monster" contains the title hits the track, "Steppenwolf Live" gave birth "Hey Lawdy Mama ".Meanwhile, the group has changed several times. In 1968, he left Moreva substituted ex-

party "Sparrow" Nick St. Nicholas, who in turn in 1970 gave way to George Biondo. Guitar from the same monarch moved first to Larry Byrom and then to Kent Henry.

Steppenwolf "Steppenwolf" remained popular in the early `70s,however bskonechnye session and touring musicians are so exhausted that in February 1972 -of the group was officially disbanded. Kay engaged release solo albums, although it was revived in 1974 with the project McJohn, Edmonton, Biondo and new guitarist Bobby Cochran. This composition gave three quite good record,but in 1976 the team fell apart again. Kaye returned to his solo work, and some time later was surprised to find, that two of his former colleagues in a provincial touring clubs under the guise of "Steppenwolf". Outraged musician had a court had to uphold the law, and in 1980 ,the project came to life with a completely new structure and changed the name a few, "John Kay & Steppenwolf".

The musicians had to work hard, to regain its former respect, but gradually they have achieved the goal. A significant role in restoring the reputation played organized by Kay and his team the annual festival "WolfFest".Its 25th anniversary of "Steppenwolf" noted John triumphal tour home in East Germany. Unfortunately, the second half of the 90 -x group has suspended the release of studio work and her public concerts have become relatively rare.

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