Stephen Hales

Picture of Stephen Hales

Date of Birth: 09/07/1677

Age: 83

Place of birth: Beksborn Kent

Nationality: Bhutan


Born on 7 (17) in September 1677 in Beksborne (Kent). In 1696 he entered the University of Cambridge, where he studied theology and the natural sciences. In 1703 he was ordained, in 1709 became vicar in Teddington (Middlesex County). Investigating the evaporation of water by plants (transpiration), it showed that the main role in this process is played by the leaves; calculated the rate of evaporation; using `hemostatic method "to determine the pressure of plant sap moving from roots along the stem. Measures the rate of growth of shoots and leaves of plants in different environments. By studying breathing plants revealed that they absorb carbon dioxide from the air. Geylz first measured blood pressure in animals. To this end, it is inserted into a blood vessel glass tube and determines how high the blood rises on it. He was the first to measure the cardiac output, blood flow rate and the resistance that it experiences as it moves through the vessels.

In 1718 Hales was elected to the Royal Society of London and introduced him to the attention of his first article dealing with solar heat influence on the rise of vegetable juice in the trees. In 1727 he published his book Statics Plant (Vegetable Staticks), and in 1733 - gemostatiki (Haemastaticks), in which his animal experiments were summarized. In the same year, Gales was awarded the Copley Medal, but not for research on the physiology of plants and animals, and for work on the well-known at the time the "magic" means Mrs. Stephens for the treatment of urolithiasis.

Gales has designed several instruments to collect the gases generated in the course of chemical reactions, has invented an artificial ventilator for fresh air in the room. These fans were installed in the prisons, in the hospital of St. George and Royal Navy ships. Gales wrote pamphlets about the dangers of alcohol, and largely thanks to his efforts in 1757 related restrictive laws were passed in England. Died Gales in Teddington 4 January 1761.