Stephen Blumberg

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Citizenship: United States

The most famous book thief

Lawyers Bloomberg claimed that the defendant suffers bibliolatry - love of books, and that made him year after year to travel across America (United States) and Canada (Canada) in the search for rare editions and books. The deadlock detectives put the fact that Steven has not sold a single book, and carefully guided them to a well-systematized personal library. When asked why he stole the book, Stephen without hesitation replied that he did not do it for their own benefit, but only in order to preserve rare books, so as not to give the state to seize them and to deprive ordinary Americans luck to touch the real history of the country, the printed ink on faded paper from time to time.

After the first arrest of Steven in March 1990, during which it was discovered, and a library of rare books, American opinion was divided. Some have argued that this man is dangerous for the state and the people and, despite its `dobrye` motives, shall be punished. There was a lot of Stephen and supporters who partly agreed that getting a rare book is becoming increasingly difficult in the library, and eventually collectible does disappear from the shelves, and are replaced by modern copies. The court decision, alas, it was clear - `Vinoven`.

Passion for books Stephen discovered as a child, when one day passed mansions in St. Paul, Minnesota (St. Paul, Minnesota), built in the style of the Victorian era (The Victorian Era). Gradually interest led him to the door of the mansion, where it to unscrew the handles and outlandish shot glass; shortly thereafter, Steven discovered the antique shops and shops with old books. So, very soon the young man began to come to the university library, and return home with books in a backpack. he just could not stop myself From the moment.

As he confessed in court, he read all the stolen books to them, confident that one day they will take away from him - and then he will be able to retell their contents. However, repeating the story of the plot of the state and its role `hranitelya` books, he was unable to answer, when his library would belong to the people, not to him. After the interview with Blumergom librarian at Duke University (Duke University) admitted that Steven is nothing light and honest: `The system libraries built on trust, - he said - he did everything to hide information to himself alone, and not to provide it publike`.

After the verdict, Stephen had been in prison for more than 4 years, but it was worth it to be back at liberty, he continued to steal books and antiquities from museums, libraries, and antique shops. Several times he was arrested again spent several months in prison, but every time I come back to the courtroom. His collection was handed over to US libraries, the books returned to their original locations after more than 20 years after the loss.

Books found in the house of Stephen, were estimated at $ 20 million, but later, after careful consideration, the amount was reduced to 5.3 million. Experts still do not understand how he managed to get such rare books and manuscripts. So, in his collection was a copy of the first edition of `Huts Toma` uncle (Uncle Tom`s Cabin) Harriet Beecher Stowe (Harriet Beecher Stowe); `The Bishop`s Bible`, edition of the Bible of the 16th century; as well as the original `hroniki` Nurnberg (Nuremberg Chronicle) from the 1493rd year, bound in calf skin.

Today, Stephen lives in Iowa (Iowa), established close supervision over him. Despite all the criticism of his activities, Stephen - he`s Book Bandit (Book Bandit) - still managed to go down in history as the most successful book thief in United States history.