Stephany Griffith-jones

Picture of Stephany Griffith-jones

Date of Birth: 06/05/1947

Age: 69

Citizenship: United States


Currently, Stephanie - Financial Director Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD), an organization created on the basis of the Columbia University (Columbia University).

Prior to joining IPD Griffith-Jones is a professor and researcher at the Institute of Development Studies (Institute of Development Studies) at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom (University of Sussex, United Kingdom).

Besides teaching served as Stephanie and as a senior official at the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs), as well as the Economic Latin America Commission (ECLAC), and was the head of international finance at the secretariat British Commonwealth (Commonwealth Secretariat, UK).

Griffith-Jones served as senior adviser to many governments in Eastern Europe and Latin America and for many international financial institutions, including the World Bank (World Bank), the Inter-American Development Bank (Inter-American Development Bank) and the United Nations (United Nations) including UNDP and ECLAC. By the way, Stephanie began her career at the Central Bank of Chile (Central Bank of Chile).

One of the first of its articles ( `The Growth of Multinational Banking, the Euro-currency market and their effectson developing countries`) was published in 1980 in the publication` Journal of Development Studies`, speech in it went about the risk of excessive international bank lending to developing countries.

Stephany Griffith-Jones has published numerous scientific publications and has written or edited at least 20 books on international finance and economic development. Her latest book, co-written with Jose Antonio Ocampo and Joseph Stiglitz (Joseph Stiglitz), and is called `Time for the Visible Hand, Lessons from the 2008 crisis`; published a book in 2010.

By the way, Jose Antonio Ocampo, Stephanie works with 1990, and together they have developed a well-known concept of counter-cyclical reform of the international financial system, designed to help stabilize capital flows and domestic private lending.

In addition, Griffith-Jones was one of the first supporters of the expansion of the banks - at national, regional and multilateral levels.

Stephany Griffith-Jones is the winner of the Association of Latin American countries (Association of Latin American Financial Institutions) for the best essay on `international finance Ameriki` Latin and became the recipient of a very respected Czech award` World Award`, provided by the University of Charles University and the Czech government .