Stephanie Beaudoin

Picture of Stephanie Beaudoin

Age: 22

Citizenship: Canada

The most sexy criminal

21-year-old Stephanie Bodu (Stephanie Beaudoin) appeared in the courtroom of the Canadian city of Victoriaville, Quebec (Victoriaville, Quebec) on charges, which counted 114 episodes of violations of the law. Looking at this pretty brunette in strict glasses, one could hardly assume it sinner, however, as is clearly evident from the case materials Bodu, sometimes looks can be very deceiving.

Student medical school, Stephanie spare time spent good time, hacking people`s houses. In addition, the house of the girl found out the whole arsenal - 9 trunks, none of whom Boda did not have permission.

Today, Stephanie had already pleaded guilty to 30 episodes, in exchange for this recognition of guilt she hopes that she will forgive the rest. If the punishment she will receive to the fullest extent, you stay in prison a girl will have a very long time.

However, this famous Canadian girl was not of the nature or even the number of their crimes - the glory it brought her appearance. Not so long ago Stephanie Boda received the title of most sexy criminals in the world, after pictures of her hit the Internet.

So, pretty Stephanie was so impressed users (most likely men) that it immediately made the beauty queen among those who are behind bars.

It is known that Stephanie admitted some of his crimes and repent of them. It is also known that working with three podelnitsami Boda, which ranges from age 13 to 17 years, which means that all of them - minors.

The house young offenders penetrated, often breaking the back door, and sometimes through the basement windows. Loot partially found in Stephanie`s house, the rest of the criminals managed to sell.

The lawyer who defended Stephanie in court, particularly pointed to the fact that to the crime his client remorseful and regretted what had happened, but cited as justification the fact that Stephanie for a while remained depressed, and then committed their crimes.

Meanwhile, the Internet is growing base of fans seksapilnoyprestupnitsy, and now Stephanie stood in a row with a couple of other criminals who have been at one time stars of the Internet due to their appearance. This is Megan McCullough, accused in 2010 in Florida and Jeremy Meeks, recently arrested in California.

It is difficult to say how honorable these titles, but it is quite clear that those who are in prison, as well as all on this side of the fence, I want in life beauty and success, and therefore in the criminal world has its Miss and Mister, kings and beauty queen.

A photo Stephanie Bodu, on which she is posing in a bathing suit, as well as a mini-skirt and with arms in their hands, continue to enjoy the same or even increasing success.