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In November 1992, it became ` girlfriend mesyatsa` by the magazine ` Playboy`; Since then, more than once graced a magazine page;Stephanie once even got a reversal of the international edition.

Adams was born in New Jersey ; She grew up in New York, where he now lives. The veins Stephanie flowing blood of blacks, Indians and Europeans (if not accurately, Cherokee) .

Rusty Adams her aunt ; both of them were once models.That Aunt Stephanie and inspired to try their hand at modeling ; It made its debut in the new capacity girl in 16 years. It all started with photo shoots in magazines `Seventeen`,` Venus Swimwear` and a number of commercials `Clairol`; Stephanie then became ` Miss November 1992` in ` Playboy`.

Higher education she received at Fairleigh Dickinson University;along with Stephanie training worked first on `Wilhelmina Models`, and then - after the success of ` Playboy` - on the `Elite Model Management`. Repeatedly Stephanie advertised underwear fairly well-known producers, the level of the same `Lise Charmel`.

Adams became the first woman to turn `Playboy`, began to speak of lesbian persons. When-then Stephanie and she stated her homosexual ; however, at present the situation has changed. In 2004, `The Village Voice` called it the best New York lesbian sex symbol ; She appeared on the cover of this magazine how, and even a number of editions of sexual minorities.

September 23 2009-Adams filed a lawsuit of $ 5 million against a New York taxi driver, city police and the city as a whole - before, on May 25th of 2006, a taxi driver after a dispute with the model set on it the police, accusing the girl in possession of weapons. During this episode he had to pay $ 2,700 and lose their driver`s license - first thirty days ,and then for the whole life.

In November 2009 it was announced that Adams engaged and about to marry a loving and successful person. The name of the lucky model does not disclose ; after marriage she plans to leave the modeling business and plunge headlong into a happy family life. Shortly after the announcement model announced that the wedding has already taken place. In his spare time, Stephanie loves to do the shooting. In addition, she has published 17 books (mostly on the spiritual sphere of human life and metaphysics) , 4 astrological calendar and is a site dedicated to protecting the rights of sexual minorities

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