Stepan Vardanian

Picture of Stepan Vardanian

Date of Birth: 04/28/1900

Age: 36

Place of birth: Mariupol

Citizenship: Ukraine


The revolutionary youth

Stepan Vardanian Hristoforovich (Vardanyan) was born April 28, 1900 in the family of professional revolutionaries in the city of Mariupol, where his father was exiled for his revolutionary activities from the Caucasus.

His parents - active participants in the revolutionary movement in the Caucasus. His father - a journalist, a mother - a teacher. From a young age, Stepan found himself in the thick of the fight for a new world. He had graduated from a college and a little prouchitsya Faculty of Economics Polytechnic Institute and then the struggle for Soviet power in Transcaucasia was his university.

At sixteen, he became a member of the Bolshevik Party. and has been active revolutionary work in Baku. When many years later he took the party purge in the party organization novomartenovskoy Taganrog Metallurgical Plant, Stepan Hristoforovich said proudly: - I grew up in the arms of Stepan Shaumyan! Yes, this legendary Baku Commissars was the first party mentor young Vardaniana. It was on his instructions, he wrote leaflets, distributed leaflets among the workers of Baku oil fields, active in Marxist circles. In August 1917, Stepan Vardanian in a fierce debate with the Mensheviks made the adoption of Tbilisi garrison of the Bolshevik platform.

From 1917 to 1920 there was an irregular situation. He was repeatedly arrested, five months of languishing in a convict prison, twice expelled him from the Baku and Tbilisi, the Georgian Menshevik government Bolshevik Vardanian was outlawed. But all this did not prevent him to fight for the revolution, for the establishment of Soviet power in the Transcaucasus. Member of many clandestine meetings, maevok it with arms involved in four armed uprisings and rebellions. As secretary of the underground Tiflis Committee of the Bolshevik Party, Vardanian writes his first journalistic work "The Revolution and the proletarian youth" in 1919. In it he defended the Leninist theory of the dictatorship of the proletariat necessary in the construction of a socialist society. Then it is already becoming known as a talented journalist party. This side of the activities of Stepan Vardaniana still awaits its researchers. It is known that then, being very engaged in various responsible positions, he continued to write and publish their work.

In May 1920, when the Soviet power was established in the South Caucasus, Stepan Hristoforovich together with other comrades headed by Mikoyan creates the Central Committee of Komsomol of Georgia and became its chairman. But even Vardanian is a member of the rebel headquarters, form and head the Red Guard "Spartacus." In summer 1920 SH Vardanian takes part in the II World Congress of the Communist International.

After the Congress, S. Vardanian autumn of 1920, illegally returned to Georgia, where the government stood the Menshevik government, and then proceeds to an active revolutionary work.

1921. S.X. Vardanian - a member of the Revolutionary Committee of Tiflis, the Commissioner of the Interior, Head of the Political Department of the Army, the chairman of the Revolutionary Committee in Alexandropol, then worked as the chairman of the district committee in Echmiadzin, New Bayazet. After the establishment of Soviet power in the Transcaucasus, Stepan Hristoforovich sent to work in 3akavkazskuyu Rabkrin, was deputy chairman of the State Planning Commission 3akavkazya, edited the newspaper "Dawn of the East".

In 1930 he was elected second secretary of the Communist Party of Armenia and at the same time a member of the Presidium of the CEC of Armenia, member of the CEC of the USSR. Stepan Vardanian closely acquainted with Sergo Ordzhonikidze.

Taganrog period

Activities SH Vardaniana in the Caucasus ended April 8, 1932. In accordance with the Resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) of 21 March 1932, he was sent to the North Caucasus region and is recommended to work in Taganrog.

April 9, 1932 at the plenum of the Taganrog City Committee of the CPSU (b) S. H. Vardanian unanimously elected first secretary of the Party Committee. It was the heyday of the new socialist Taganrog. In those years, the first five years, and especially the second, Taganrog is fast becoming a major industrial, cultural, student center in the South of Russia. During his leadership of the Communist Taganrog organization many remarkable achievements have been made. The May Day night in 1932 gave the first smelting steel open-hearth furnace shop novomartenovskogo second Taganrog Metallurgical Plant. Among the workers in the night and was S.X. Vardanian. He did a lot for the development of new Taganrog aircraft plant in the 30s, which has become one of the leading aircraft factories in the country.

Stepan Vardanianu`s idea to convert old urban garden park of culture and recreation, and it strongly supported taganrozhtsy. It is very difficult and important task was the creation of Taganrog tram. Despite enormous difficulties, it has been successfully resolved. November 7, 1932 the first tram went through the streets of the city.

Taganrog 30 -th years, it was at the same time the center of a rather extensive rural area, and we had to constantly be in the villages, fields and farms newly established farms.

Taganrog City Party Committee to build on the successes of the labor collectives, made of the question of the City Council at the Presidium of the USSR Central Executive Committee, which includes Taganrog in a special list of cities, planned directly allied Gosplan. In this decision, the CEC of the USSR, provided extensive construction of homes, schools, hospitals, new theater, circus, cinema, station on the 694-kilometer, covered market, hotels, stadiums, kurortizatsii Taganrog by building new beaches, therapeutic mud and resorts over the sea.

That`s when S.X. Vardaniane began to pay close attention to improvement of the city have been paved street of Lenin, Frunze, Sverdlov street and many working-class suburbs, is widely being built residential towns Stakhanovite workers for factories, a lot of work on the restoration and repair of the theater Chekhov. It was planted in the streets and squares of the city a large number of shrubs, trees, roses, flowers, broken beautiful flower beds. It was a competition between the streets for the purity and beauty of his native city.


October 26, 1936 Stepan Hristoforovich by a malicious denunciation was arrested at the station Martsevo (station near Taganrog, where previously stayed long-distance trains) when returning from a trip to Moscow and immediately sent to the Rostov NKVD prison. He was charged under the infamous Article 58. January 6-7, 1937 hosted the 7th Plenum of the Azov-Black Sea Territorial Committee of the VKP (b), and that`s what was written then regional newspaper:

"... The Plenum considers absolutely correct indication of the CPSU (b) the fact that the Azov-Black Sea Regional Committee and first secretary comrade. Sheboldaev proved intolerant of political short-sightedness of the Bolsheviks towards the enemies of the party; regional committee leaders, especially t. Sheboldaev ceased to be political leaders have lost the necessary political instinct for the Bolsheviks, the entire leadership of the party entrusting the work of employees in the Regional Committee and secretary of the city and district. Heads of the Regional Committee of the Bolshevik applied are alien to the spirit of the wrong methods of selection and placement. ... Traitors and pest-Trotskyists (now arrested) - Glebov-Avilova, Kolotilina, Vardanianu, Ovchinnikov, Gogoberidze, Erofitskomu, Kolesnikov and others managed to get to the most important party, government and economic posts and long, until very recently, impunity conduct their subversive activities in Rostov, Taganrog, on the "Rostselmash" Regional Committee of the Komsomol, and in some other important areas of party, Soviet and economic work. "

Total thirty-six years he lived this extraordinary man. He was charged with embezzlement of public funds in the industry, municipal housing economy, conscious disrupting the timing of construction of cultural and welfare institutions (hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and so on. D.).

But he and his associates have developed in 1932, the first long-term plan of development of Taganrog, which was successfully carried out. Only in summer 1936 was put into operation seven secondary schools, the same number of kindergartens and nurseries, paramedic school, opened a cinema "October", and a little earlier commissioned 5th City Hospital, the largest in the city.

held city water from the river Mius, built sewerage system - During these years, many shops, a dream come true old taganrozhtsev was built.

One of the best buildings on Lenin Street was given to pioneers of a city House of Pioneers. For excellent students at the apartment Vardaniana, and he lived in the house on the alley Anton Glushko, arranged Christmas trees. He revived the Taganrog children the banned holiday.

A lot of work and energy invested Stepan Hristoforovich in organizing and holding celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the birth of AP Chekhov. He wrote a report "On Chekhov against" chehovschiny "" and spoke with him at the solemn meeting.

In 1956 SH Vardanian was rehabilitated by the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court, and the decision of the Taganrog city committee posthumously reinstated in the party.