Stede Bonnet

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Age: 30

Citizenship: United Kingdom


He often smiled luck, and, besides, he had an advantage over many because of its good education. No one is incited to become a pirate, bearing in mind it occupies a high position; Moreover, on the island they were all very surprised when we started talking about the strange behavior of major. Since he enjoyed universal respect, its most pitied than condemned, especially those who often visited his hospitable house. The company was confident that there was a mania to become a pirate at the Major as a result of insanity, which noticed him before. There was even talk that the brain disorder had occurred because of the endless experiences that he suffered as a result of his failed marriage. Whatever it was, but the major was poorly adapted to the pirate life, because absolutely nothing is known about the management of the ship and navigation in general.

Equipped on their own savings sloop with ten guns and seventy crew members on board, which he called "Revenge", a major in the night sailed to the island of Barbados. His first step in his new role was an expedition to the capes of Virginia, where he captured several ships from which took food, clothing, money, ammunition etc. From there he went full sail towards New York. When the Major arrived on the eastern shore of Long Island, he managed to grab another sloop steer the West Indies and then he made a stop on the island of Gardner, where several people planted and bought provisions for his crew, and paid for everything; then continued on his way, without causing harm to any person.

After a while, that is, in August 1717, Bonnet came to the entrance to the bay of North Carolina. Here he assumed the sloop, owned by Barbados island, loaded with sugar, rum and a few blacks, whose owner was Joseph Palmer; He also captured the brigantine that ran from New England and owned by Thomas Porter, which he released after completely sacked. Sloop, Major Palmer led off with a small island in the North Carolina, where he began careening his ship; he later burned the captured sloop.

Podremontirovat your ship Bonnet put to sea again; but, not knowing how to choose the direction, the team was divided in opinion on the matter. The Major was a very bad pilot and so was forced to respect the opinion of their team and to coordinate with it all their actions.

Finally it happened that these budding pirates met with the famous Edward Tichem nicknamed Blackbeard. Teach captain was a skilled sailor, but brutal thug, a bold and brazen to recklessness, which should not have to commit any crime of nothing. He was the leader of this hideous gathering of thugs and rightly held that position since excelled in all the infamies and cruelties.

Major Troop joined other pirates, and a Richards from the squad Ticha took over command of the sloop Bonnet, although it belonged personally to Major, and the Major was forced to board a large ship Blackbeard, where he remained until as long as the ship did not suffer crash near the small topsail island. He had plenty of time to think about that nonsense, he made contact with the pirates; now he repented, but too late; all these gloomy thoughts Major led to a state of deep melancholy. When he thought of his past life and present conditions of existence, it was covered with shame, and cursed the day when he came up with the crazy idea to become a pirate. He confided to some friends, who expressed their desire to find a way to put an end to the kind of life that caused him now only disgust, adding that dares more appear on the eye to some Englishman, and that his only desire - to retire to some Spain, province or Portugal, to spend the rest of my days, forgotten by the world; otherwise it is better to remain among the pirates than to return to his country.

And indeed, he did not go back, because when Blackbeard was wrecked near the island topsail, Major decided to submit to the terms of the Royal Decree of pardon; he again took command of his sloop and came to Battaun in North Carolina, where he also announced his readiness to do the will of the king. When war broke out between the Union and Confederate Triple Spain, Bonnet set out to get permission to attack the Spaniards in chief. To this end, he left North Carolina and headed for the island of St. Thomas. When he was back on topsail island, he found that Teach and his men have sailed away on a small ship, and that they took with them all the money, weapons, and other things that were at least some value on board his shattered giant and, as a consequence, landed seventeen men from his crew on the sandy island, lies about a mile of habitable land. Since the island was deserted, and besides, it was impossible to get any food to somehow maintain their strength, as well as any material to itself to build a ship, or even a boat, it seems that Thich left wretches on this island to certain death from starvation. They`ve been here for two days and two nights without food, have lost all hope of help and with the fear of imminent death by starvation, when against all expectations were rescued as follows. Mayor, having learned from the two pirates who took refuge in a village near the port to avoid cruelties Ticha about these accidents, sent to him the sloop, to check whether they are still alive.

Once the hungry pirates saw from his desert island sail sloop, they immediately filed a sign; sloop came to the island and took the poor souls on board. Major announced to the squad of his intention to go to St. Thomas to get permission to fight with the Spaniards, and said that the pirates are those who want to try their luck with him, will be well received on board his ship; All gladly we agreed to his proposal. But when the sloop was ready to sail to the island arrived barque loaded with apples and cider, from which the team Major learned that Captain Teach with only eighteen or twenty people is on Ocracoke Island. Bonnet, who had for Tichu deadly hatred for a number of insults inflicted on him, he decided to first go to a place of refuge captain but missed it; after fruitless cruising for four days in Ocracoke area, without having any information about his enemy, he headed for Virginia.

Soon, Major rid of any kind of remorse, and since recently he received the pardon of the king under the name of Stede Bonnet, he took up the old by the name of Thomas the captain, hoping that no one will connect the new "arts" Captain Thomas named Stede Bonnet.

It has become a real pirate, grabbing and looting all ships colliding. He captured off Cape Henry, two more ships to head of Virginia in Glasgow, which found a hundred pounds of tobacco. The next day, pirates seized a small sloop, with which took twenty kegs of pork and lard, and in exchange gave two barrels of rice and one barrel of sugar syrup.

All this was fine production; it seemed that their only purpose was to stock up on food before they arrived on the island of St. Thomas. Until now, they were favorably disposed towards those who had the misfortune to fall into their hands; but then they changed their behavior. To the north of the 32nd degree of latitude, near Philadelphia, pirates seized two large vessels on their way to Bristol, where they took a bit of money over the goods, the price of which reached 150 pounds; At the same time, they also captured the sloop with a displacement of sixty tons, bulge of the earth from Philadelphia to Barbados, they devastated and released to float on, as well as two other vessel.

Pirate sloop that Major called "King Jacques" has sprung a leak, so that the pirates were forced to make a stop at Cape Jean by as much as two months to do the repair. On the river, they took possession of a small sloop, which had to be broken in order to use its materials to repair his sloop.

At this time, the Board of South Carolina found that some pirate stands on the Cape Fear River with the captured goods, busy repairing his ship. Colonel Guillaume Reth, who lived in the province, graciously agreed to personally lead two sloops to go to the Cape, and attack the pirates as they did not cause harm to the colony. The governor immediately agreed to this proposal and the Council issued a resolution colonel with all the powers on the use of two of the proposed ships, which seemed to him the most suitable for this expedition.

The two sloops were filled in two days; one with the name "Henry" was placed under the command of Captain Jean Masters and equipped with eight guns and seventy members of the team; second, "Sea Nymph" - Captain Feyreru Hall with the same number of cannons on board and a crew of sixty men. The two sloops were subordinate to Colonel Reta, who on September 14 aboard the "Henry" came out of Charleston, and with its very small squadron headed for Suillivants island with the intention here to start an operation against an unknown pirate. At the same time a small ship arrived here from Antigua; ship owner of Kok said that he was captured and robbed by a pirate named Charles Vane, commanding dvenadtsatipushechnoy brigantine with a crew of ninety men, and that the pirate had previously captured two ships, one of which, a small sloop, was under the command of Captain Dill Maitre, and second, the brigantine, was under the command of captain Topsona Maitre and carrying 90 Negroes from Guinea, which were transplanted into other pirate sloop under the command of a certain Yates, Charles Wayne companion, with a crew of twenty. Next story in the words of Coca developed as follows. Such a redistribution of production between pirate ships appeared on the arm of the ship owners from Guinea, as Yates, who made several attempts to end the dangerous craft Pirates took advantage of the darkness of night to quietly leave Wayne; he got to the Edisto River in the south of Charleston, which satisfy the conditions of the Royal Decree of pardon. Thus, the owners of the ship from Guinea returned back their Negroes, and Yates and his companions received government certificates.

Wayne took some time to come to the shallows separating the small lagoon to the sea, where he hoped to find Yeats. Two of the ships which have left the misfortune of the lagoon to the open sea, heading for London, were immediately captured. At that time, while the prisoners were on board the pirate brigantine, several pirates let slip about his intention to go to one of the rivers flowing into the lagoon from the south. One of the prisoners later told about this Cocu.

Having such a long and interesting history, Colonel Reth decided his duty to punish Wayne and 15 September, after passing through the narrow strait in the mentioned lagoon with its two sloops, chased with a fair wind for the northern pirate ship. He examined all the rivers and small islands in the south of the lagoon, but without receiving any news about Wayne, returned to his first job, as it headed for Cape Fear. September 26 in the evening he went into the waters of the river at Cape Fear with his little squadron, and immediately found here three ships at anchor, one belonged to Major Bonnet, and the other two were captured by them.

But it so happened that the pilot made a mistake and Colonel sloop, rising along the river, crashed into the shore; I had to wait a good half of the night to be back afloat, and to attack the pirates in the dark did not dare to Colonel. Pirates, meanwhile, also saw the approaching sloops and immediately three armed skiff, they sent to meet them, with orders to capture the intruders. But sent quickly realized that the air smells great battle, and returned to his companions as soon as possible to give them this disturbing news. Throughout the night, Major gave orders to prepare for the upcoming battle. At dawn, the pirates set sail and went down to the river water with the intention to fight from afar. Colonel Ret also raised the sails and headed towards the enemy with the purpose of the ship to take them on board the ship; Pirates clung to the shore and got stuck here. Sloops from Carolina found themselves in the same position due to the shallow depth of the river and also got stuck sitting on a bank; with "Henry", carrying the Colonel Ret, he stood motionless at a distance of a pistol shot from the pirates and the other sloop - at a distance greater than the distance a cannon shot, which meant that he could not help the colonel.

Pirates had a significant advantage, as their sloop, stuck near the shore, he turned so that he was under the guise of coastal vegetation, while Colonel Reta crew was in full view. Nevertheless, the Colonel and his men were incessant fire all the time, while sitting on the rocks, which lasted about five hours.

Pirates, believing themselves in safety, discharged in the air all sorts of signs of their hats, mocking sloop crew, and jokingly invited them to visit the enemy ship, and they responded with a determined look, what they are really eager to come to them and get to know. What happened in a short time, as the first colonel of the sloop had gone aground. Wanting to fix the bad start of the fight, Ret rushed to the pirate ship, still intending to take it on board the ship. For pirates it was a complete surprise, so they had to throw the white flag, surrendering prisoners. The colonel in charge took a pirate ship and was glad to learn that the "Captain Thomas" was none other than Major Stede Bonnet, which he has repeatedly met in Carolina.

On board the "Henry" turned out to be ten people were killed and fourteen wounded, and on board the "Sea nymph" losses were only two dead and four wounded. The Pirates lost in a shootout seven men and five were wounded, two of whom died almost immediately. Officers and sailors Colonel behaved during the operation with a decent courage, and, of course, they would have taken over a pirate ship with smaller losses, if not stranded. Colonel Ret weighed anchor on 30 September and arrived in Charleston on October 3 with the prisoners on board, which is filled with joy the hearts of the province of Carolina.

Two days later, Bonnet and his detachment were landed on shore; Pirates are locked in the guard room of the city for lack of a prison; Sergeant as a prison warden was ordered to guard the Bonnet in his house, which was sent as a senior officer and master David Herriot Ignacia Pella, which have been separated from the rest of the pirates in order to achieve the latter testimony against their leaders. For greater reliability in front of the house every night duty, two sentries. However, whether the guards were bribed, or negligence react to assigned work, Major Herriot and fled; Master Pell refused to follow them.

This escape made a lot of noise in the province: the population openly accused the governor and other members of the Board of aiding criminals. Insults against the authorities were due to the fear that the inhabitants of Carolina experienced before Bonnet, fearing that he made a new unit and will attack them, to avenge the evil that the power given him in the last battle. But this fear did not last long because as soon as the governor learned of the escape of Major, he published a proclamation, promising a reward of 700 pounds sterling to anyone who can catch him, and sent a few armed barks to the north and to the south of the province in search of the fugitives.

Escape from captivity, Bonnet hired a small boat and headed north, but food shortages and bad weather forced him to stop at the bank. He landed on the island near Charleston Suillivants to get here provisions. On hearing this, the governor sent Colonel Reta grasp fugitive. Colonel in the same night left the island Suillivants and after a brief search found Major Bonnet, and with it, and Herriot. Colonel people opened fire on them, killing Herriot on the spot and injuring a Negro and an Indian. Bonnet surrendered and was transmitted to the next day in Charleston, where he orders the governor was placed under strict protection in the waiting-NII his trial.

October 28, 1718 opened a proceeding brought against the pirates captured on the sloop with the original name "Revenge" and later named "King Jacques", under the chairmanship of the vice-admiralty judge and Chief Justice Nicholas Trot and in the presence of other members of the court.

Royal patent judges Trotha was read, jurors took an oath dispassionately look into the allegations, and the Chief Justice said in front of them a scientific question, is shaped like a statement in which he claimed the following:

I. The "Although God created the sea for use by all people, but it is also subject to section on the field, are in someone else`s subordinate, as even the earth."

II. In particular, he stressed that "the King of England is the sovereign ruler of all the British seas."

III. The judge considered that "trade and navigation can not develop without the support of law and that special laws have always existed for the management of marine affairs." He led the historic part of the adoption of laws and their causes.

IV. He was brought to their attention, that "for a long time, there are judges and tribunals to parse the criminal and civil cases."

V. Especially long he distributed about the constitution and jurisdiction of the Admiralty Office.

VI. At the end of the speech the judge spoke about the crimes that fall under the jurisdiction of the Admiralty, and pointed out that the powers of the body specifically apply to the case of pirates, one of them, and be covered by this process.

The charges have been formulated, the judges took the oath, and brought before the court for adjudication, Major Stede Bonnet, and another thirty pirates; all except four: Nicholas Thomas, Roland Sharpe, Jonathan Clark and Thomas Gerard - were declared guilty and sentenced to death.

We have before us two major indictments on which the pirates were convicted. The first drawn up in these terms:

"The judges, the name of the king, our sovereign, under oath, is brought to the attention of the court that on August 2 in the fifth year of the reign of King George Stede Bonnet, who lived recently in Barbados, sailor Robert Tucker and TD being in the open sea, heading for a cape Jacques, or Cape Enlopen, located about two leagues from the mainland at the 39th degree of latitude, and under the jurisdiction of a king, or vice-admiralty of South Carolina, was subjected to an armed pirate attack merchant sloop under the command of Pierre Menueringa. against the law God and human pirates seized Pierre Menueringa and the other crew members, putting their lives at risk. by setting yourself above the sloop, the pirates took him along with all the cargo that is absolutely against the law, and it had not obeying the king, our sovereign, and insulted his crown and dignity. "

Such shape of the indictment on which the pirates are brought to justice; and although there were many other facts that have proved their guilt, but the court for some reason, showed them only two. The second charge concerned the capture of another sloop called "Fortune" and under the command of Thomas Reid and was drafted in the same terms as the first, so I will allow myself to quote it here not.

The prisoners told the court about his disagreement with these two major indictments, except Wilson and Jean Jacques Levy, who from the outset pleaded guilty to both offenses and Daniel Perry, who admitted to committing one of them. Pirates put forward a very weak arguments in his defense, namely: being on a ship of Major, was heading to the island of St. Thomas, they found themselves in a difficult situation due to lack of food, as well as this they were in the open sea, it had to do as all other in their place. Mayor also supported their comrades, having stated in court that they had a harsh necessity to do so. But the facts, being fully proved, led the Pirates to a conviction, but four, which were mentioned above.

The Chief Justice made a pathetic speech, presenting before the eyes of the convicted, "the depth of their crimes, the sad situation in which they found themselves, and the need for the decision to sincere repentance." With these words he gave them into the hands of the clerics province to prepare the lost to death, as he concluded, "the lips of the priests kept the divine knowledge, and you will regain the truth from their lips, because they are the messengers of God and of Christ`s ambassadors and they are given words reconciliation. " He then read out the death sentence, and after some time, 8 November, twenty-two people were executed. Capital flight delayed his death for several days, but in the end he was convicted on November 10, and being found guilty, received the same sentence of death. Judge Trot again gave a speech, and while it a little long, but it is a very interesting document, which I quote in full:

"Major Stede Bonnet, you are presented two charges of piracy; first by the jury, the second - with your own consent.

While you are being charged only in two crimes, you, nevertheless, it is known that as long as you go sailing in the waters of North Carolina, you`ve captured and ograbiline least thirteen vehicles.

Thus, you could set the eleven allegations of crimes you have committed, since the time that the king received forgiveness and promised to put an end to the shameful life of a pirate.

I do not deal here with all the crimes you have committed before that time and who will be responsible before God, even though they are directed against the people living on earth.

You should be aware that all your crimes, being abominable in itself, contrary not only to the laws of life, but God`s law, which states: "Thou shalt not steal." And the Apostle St. Paul says that "thieves never fall after the death of the kingdom of God."

You are guilty not just petty theft, you add them to the sin of murder. How much innocent blood shed you, killing those who resisted your unjust violence? That we will never know, but we know that, in addition to the injured, for you the number of deaths of eighteen people from those who were against you to end the looting committed by you every day.

Perhaps you will say that it happened during the battle, but on what legal basis you drew your sword against someone else? All those who were killed during the battle, doing their duty to the king and country; they were killed and their blood cries out for revenge and just punishment of the perpetrator, that is you; these human feelings are confirmed by the law of God, that "blood would flow one who sheds the blood of neighbor."

The death penalty is not the only killers, yet they face a "melting pot to be in the midst of fire and suffering, which means the second death."

That`s horrible words that should make you tremble with fear, so that you at least for a moment, thinking about all your crimes, because "there is the one who will dwell in eternal torment?".

Remorse must torment you for all your sins before God, and a great number of your crimes may cause him nothing but contempt and fair revenge. I believe you and know that the only way to receive God`s forgiveness and absolution - a sincere repentance and a deep faith in Jesus Christ; Only if he decides that you are worthy of his love and death, he will forgive you. Since you are a gentleman and a good education, and have a reputation as a writer, I`m not going to explain to you what is repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. No doubt, you know that I even too long to speak to you on this subject, but when I watched the multitudinous your life, I have every reason to believe that the principles of religion that you taught in his youth, severely damaged, if not, that generally it erased in your heart unrighteous life and passion of contemporary literature and empty philosophy, which was not given to you to seriously consider the will and laws of God contained in Scripture, because "only he knows the joy of living according to the laws of eternity, who reflects on this day night". Studying the scriptures, you would understand that "the word of the Lord was a lamp to your feet, illuminating your path" and that all other sciences there is only vanity in comparison to "excellent knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord" that "for those who know it gives you the power of God "and the hidden wisdom," which he brings from time immemorial. "

You would have learned by accident for themselves that the scriptures are true heavenly Charter, that they give us the best rules of life, and that they show us how to receive from God the forgiveness of our sins, as they only lies the secret of the conversion of sinners, in which "the angels eager to look into the depths of the soul. "

They have enlightened you, that sin - this is the devaluation of the human soul, as man takes away from justice, truth and holiness in which God created us, and that virtue and religion - that is the path that must be followed by living according to God`s law, and not stand in the way of sin and Satan, for "the path of virtue and a joy to all roads lead to prosperity."

I hope that divine providence and real grief, which it sent to you, will take you from the errors into which you have fallen due to your negligence in the study of sacred words or superficial reading; and even before that, you have prospered, committed serious sins, now you know that the hand of the Lord descended upon you and that it has led you to a public trial. I hope that these difficult circumstances force you to come down and that after serious reflection on their actions in the recent past, you will feel the whole weight of your sins, and their unbearable weight.

For this reason, you will appreciate how very true knowledge of those who will open you the way to reconciliation with God, you are so offended, and will tell you about the one who is not only a powerful protector of our "the Father", but who paid with his own death on the cross debts sinners and that God granted the full court. But true knowledge can be found only in Scripture, which teaches us that the "lamb of God, who let the sins of humanity," Jesus Christ, the Son of God; so know and be sure that "no other name under heaven given among men, which could save us", except for a single name - Jesus.

Listen to what he invites all sinners to come to him.

As he assures us, "that he came to save the lost." And he promised, "that he did not chase away anyone who comes to him."

Thus, if you want to return to it, though, and as late as eleven o`clock in the allegory about the work of winegrowers, it can still take you.

No need to repeat to you what it means learn some forgiveness - it is faith and repentance. But remember that the meaning of repentance is not just a simple regret about his atrocities and ready to be punished now, but it`s unfortunate should occur from deep remorse for what you have done to your behavior an insult to God, such a harmless and merciful. I do not pretend to give you extensive advice about the nature of repentance; I see what I say to a man whose abusive behavior likely caused by a contemptuous and careless attitude towards their debt than ignorance. The more that you give such an explanation is not included in the scope of my profession.

You will learn much more about this issue for those who specifically studied divine science and who, because of their deep knowledge and positions, as "ambassadors of Jesus Christ," called to enlighten you.

My most ardent desire to see that all my conversations were not lost to you, and that in such a disastrous situation, you will regain the lost faith and strength to find sincere repentance in his soul.

That`s why doing my Christian duty and giving you the best advice I have ever able to pick up for the salvation of your soul, I must now fulfill my duty to the court chairman.

The verdict, which is imposed for your crime, and that the law obliges me to read, - the following:

You Stede Bonnet, go from here to the place from whence you brought, and from there will be transferred to the execution site, where you will be hanged; sentence shall be considered fulfilled at the moment of death.

And let the infinitely merciful God have mercy on your soul! "