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Year of birth : 1994

Age: 21 year

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


Two of the founders of this team, Wayne Static and Ken Jay was born in the provincial towns of the US Midwest, and a lot of guys from the area they went in search of happiness in Chicago. Ken worked in a music store ,He is playing in various metal bands and gained some notoriety in the underground circles of Chicago.

Wayne began with the fact that the team amassed gothic "Deep Blue Dream". Often he had met with a member of "Smashing Pumpkins" Billy Corgan, who once introduced to Ken Wayne, with whom he worked in the shop.Jay joined the "Deep Blue Dream", but soon the boys tired of playing the gloomy Gothic, and the cold weather in Chicago, and they fled into the warm Los Angeles, capital of the American hard rock.

Shortly after arriving in the City of Angels to classified musicians responded Osaka native Koichi Fukuda. He just came into the rehearsal room and the guys said : " I`m your new guitar player. " A little later came the bassist Tony Campos, the only Californian in the band, who played previously in the local death metal bands.

Static- XSo its founding "Static-X" played a bunch of shows throughout Southern California, gradually multiplying army of fans. Some role in the attractiveness of the team and has played an unusual " vertical " hairstyle frontman. The group tried to make music that combines elements of techno, hard, gothic industrial. The guys this explosive mixture called " rhythmic Transkor ". All turned out they had a pretty good, and in 1998 on "Static-X " turned his attention to the label " Warner Bros. Records ". Having signed a contract with him, with producer Ulrich Wild (" Deftones "," Pantera ")" static " started the sessions of the first album.

The album "Wisconsin Death Trip" (the name was taken from an old book by Wayne describing eventsoccurred in Wisconsin over a hundred years ago) well it reflects the energy created by the band`s performance at the concert. The song "Bled for Days" on this disc sounded in the soundtrack of "Bride of Chucky", and together with the "Push It" came as a bonus CD "Korn" "Extra Values".

Static-X "Wisconsin Death Trip" was very warmly received by the audience, aided by a long tour in the company of such monsters as "Slayer", "Fear Factory" and "System of A Down". In 1999, the " static " also took part in Ozzfest with " of Slipknot " and "Flood". However, the concert detelnost much tired Fukuda ,and in the autumn of 2000, he went home to Osaka. Replacing him was found in the person of Tripp Eisen, former guitarist "Dope". However, Eisen was late to the beginning of the sessions of the next album, and all the guitar parts for "Machine" had to record Wayne. But Tripp took part in the promotion of the plate, when "Static-X " swept across America in the company of " Pantera " and " Slayer ".

In September 2001, bassist Tony Campos spent some time in hospital after had an accident on his motorcycle. Therefore, it briefly replaced Marty O`Brien of "Kilgore" and "Methods of Mayhem". In 2002, "Static-X" continued its concert activity ,and also participated in the recording tribyutnyh records Elvis Presley and "Ramones". After the release of "Shadow Zone" Ken Jay left the team. Drummer in his stead during the tour, and after the sessions of the "Start a War", became Nick Oshiro. In 2005, he returned to his seat Fukuda ,which in addition to guitars also involved in the entire electronics and programming on the album.

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Static-x photo
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