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The best tool spins the contest - the contest is

People love to play and win, even if it is a trifle. Stas Gladkov, head of marketing trends in social media in holding digital ventures (tochka.net portal), who is also the author of a popular blog about social networking and marketing, tells the story of holding competitions in social networks and their usefulness for business.

Stas, explain why companies do we need competitions? Why not advertise?

Stowe clarify what kind of company in question. Some of them are really easy to start advertising in the traditional sense, rather than trying to promote contests. Although a good competition - it is, in fact, the same advertisement, just a completely different shape and form. competition advantage compared to display advertising that competition, in a sense, a person enters into the main memory, establishing the connection information (at least for the duration of the contest). Contestants have great potential loyalty, attentive to messages from companies that are involved in the activity - it is a great audience, which dreams of any marketer.

Do you know of cases where the competition has helped significantly increase the traffic of the Internet resource?

-Of course. The same VKontakte at the dawn of its development played iPods to build the dynamics of registrations. Successfully implemented a competition can trigger powerful viral effect kotoryysposoben delivered to the site a lot of traffic. But it should be understood that the traffic - not the most crucial for a good result of the competition, the majority of advertising campaigns connected contests to generate so-called leads, that is, users who have shown interest in the brand and ready for communication.

For example, you can learn from someone coming up with a good contest?

Pairs or three books on marketing rate of university programs do not become more than a wealth of knowledge on this issue. In addition, I recommend to regularly monitor the activities of successful Western, they inspire and educate. There are a lot of blogs and online publications covering these topics. Knowledge of the English language and the right questions in the search engine can easily lead you to them. But, of course, do not forget about the Ukrainian market, which regularly happen really cool and interesting contests. I like the work of such agencies as the digital-Aimbulance and Prodigi, their cases can be found on the Internet easily.

Tochka.net has almost 13 thousand followers on his page on Facebook -. A very good result for the Ukrainian market. Based on your experience, what is the maximum number of audiences that you could get to take part in any competition, if ask such a purpose?

-All Beauty contests is that they almost always connect a fresh audience. Planning a contest, you need to understand that thousands of fans eti13 better "will work" as an information transmitter. Because it is important to connect them to the start of the competition and motivate to disseminate information about the competition among friends. Then it all depends on the prize and "zamorochennye" competition: the easier it is - the more participants - is unbreakable rule. Because 10,000 people can participate in the competition, but 80% are newcomers, and only 20% of the original project audience. And that is great!

Is the number of participants in the main indicator of the effectiveness of the competition? What other criteria?

-I guess, yes. Competition - is a mass activity, and the more members it collects, the more successful is. However, some competitions may not be sent to the participants surge, and to generate a specific content, ideas and so on. In this case, the emphasis has shifted to the quality of the audience, rather than quantity. The criterion of success of competition can serve as Lida, registration, visit the shops, discounts / coupons mention the brand, etc. There are many options, so it is important to send the contest to the effect that the maximum positive impact on the promoted product.

Here, we announced a contest. As it now "spin", which for this purpose are methods?

-If You first have announced a competition, and only then ask this question, then you have done something wrong. The best instrument "unwinds" contest - a contest itself. Maximum important to lay in the mechanics of the contest its promotion tools, such as the ability to invite friends to share the announcement, send a message, etc. In this case, it remains only to competently convey information about the contest to its target audience, which itself begins to spin it, and enjoy the result. Here you will help the standard advertising tools are display and contextual advertising, sowing announcements for communities, newsletters and notification of subscribers and the like.

Can you recall any particularly bright ideas for competitions?

Detectors hatred for disgruntled visitors one of the most popular fast foods. Marketers of this company have been looking for a tool to combat negative against their product and once made a "knight`s move". For visitors of the site have the opportunity with the help of a web camera to express whatever they think of the product, after which the system is processed and evaluated "their level of hatred" for a very amusing scale and gave out some fun apology, making party in the rating of dissatisfied visitors. Prizes received ranking leaders, but the beauty of competition is different: the company managed to turn a negative into a positive, because the one who spoke, not holding a grudge against the brand. Former Hayter is now watched with interest their positions in the ranking, jiving videos of other participants and just had fun.