Stanley Melbourne Bruce

Picture of Stanley Melbourne Bruce

Date of Birth: 04/15/1883

Age: 84

Place of birth: Melbourne

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Born in Melbourne, the capital of the Australian state of Victoria, April 15, 1883. Father - John Bruce Monroe, a prominent merchant of Scottish descent, his mother - Mary Ann. In 1891, he enrolled in a private school in Toorak (now the Melbourne suburb), and in 1896 he transferred to the grammar school of the Anglican Church in Melbourne (Eng. Melbourne Church of England Grammar School). After his father`s company faced a liquidity problem assets from the financial crisis of the 1890s, the family decided to move to Britain. There`s Stanley for some time moonlighting stock of his father, and in 1902 he enrolled at Trinity Hall, Cambridge University college. After his graduation he studied law in London, and in 1907 went to work in the bar, while helping in his father`s business.

July 12, 1913 he married Ethel Dunlop (Eng. Ethel Dunlop). After the First World War, Stanley enlisted in the British army, where he was assigned to the Worcestershire Regiment. He took part in the Dardanelles operation, which was wounded. For participation in the battles he was awarded the Military Cross. Shortly after returning to the ranks, Stanley was wounded again, but this time in France. After that he was released from military service and sent to Britain. Subsequently, he was awarded