Stanislav Grof

Picture of Stanislav Grof

Date of Birth: 07/01/1931

Age: 85

Place of birth: Prague

Citizenship: United States


Grof (Grof), Stanislav - Czech-American psychologist, a representative of transpersonal psychology. M.D. Since the mid-1950s. I began in Prague clinical study of the effects of psychedelic drugs on human. In 1967 he left Czechoslovakia. He worked in the US psychiatric institutions. Supervised department of psychiatric research in Maryland Psychiatric Research Center. He worked as an assistant professor of psychiatry at the Medical School of the University Johns Hopkins, and -. In Eskalenskom Institute. Founder and president of the International Transpersonal Association. They had concluded that drug use is a powerful catalyst for working with different symbols (such as in the traditional psychoanalysis), conducted among neurotic, depressive, psychotic patients. Central to this process called fission psycholytic is experiencing intoxicated experience of death, rebirth, cosmic unity, archetypal images. Later Grof used other practices and techniques aimed at changing consciousness. For mapping arising from this experience offered an anthropological model in which four areas have been identified: sensory experiences, early biographical experiences, prenatal experiences, transpersonal experience. It is believed that due to the strong emotions associated with death and resurrection, the early events of the individual life, meetings with important archetypal persona, with connection to the "energy", there is the psychological integrity of human achievement.


Outside of the brain. Birth, death and transcendence in psychotherapy. M .: Center "inflorescence" 1992.