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Year of birth: 1962

Age: 53 year

Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship: United States


Many consider the group "Standells" ancestor of American punk.The team was organized in 1962 by keyboardist Larry Tamblyn and guitarist Tony Valentino. The composition was beefed up with bassist Gary Lane and drummer Gary Leeds. Speaking on the Los Angeles club, the team played mainly rock and roll covers predbitlovskoy era.

At the beginning of his career, "Standells" released a few mediocre singles,took part in the filming of "Get yourself a college girl", and repeatedly lit on television.

Leeds then went to "The Walker Brothers", and was replaced by former actor Dick Dodd. Cases in the group were not shaky or rolls, for as long as the musicians do not come from a producer Ed Cobb, a former member of the vocal band "The Four Preps".He has written for "Standells" song "Dirty water", which marked the turn of the neat sound smoothed the dirty, harsh rhythm and blues.

StandellsUchastnikam team this thing at first did not like, but when six months later "Dirty water" took eleventh place in the national charts, they changed their minds. Taking a course on image a-A "Rolling stones" group nastrogat four whole album a couple of years. Such fertility musicians showed under pressure from his label "Tower records". The leaders of the company seemed to feel that the career of the ensemble will be short-lived and tried to squeeze out "Standells" all that is possible.Key hits of this period ("Sometimes good guys don`t wear white", "Why pick on me", "Try it") like "Dirty water" from the pen of the same Cobb. In addition to his own compositions and songs of the group on its plates are often present songs from the repertoire of other commands like "Rolling stones" and "Troggs". Despite,that the years have been very successful for "Standells" 1966 and 1967 ,

the team suffered from frequent rearrangements among bass players.

StandellsTak on "The hot ones" Gary Lane was replaced by Dave Burke, and already on the next album with basuhoy ruled by John Fleck. With the advent of interest in psychedelic art of the group quickly began to fade.The single "Don`t tell me what to do", made in the genre of rock and vaudeville, proved absolutely not the topicAnd the audience it is practically ignored. In the spring of 1968 "Standells" broke the contract with Cobb and forgetting about his "dirty" image, began to play in a casino, restaurants and similar establishments.Dodd did not like it all, and he soon left the team, making an attempt to record a solo album.

By the end of 1968 and resigned himself Larry Tamblyn. The following year, with the help of Lowell George`s attempt to revive "Standells" was made, but it was not successful and the project fell apart completely. Only in 1999, Tamblyn,Valentino and Dodd got together to play a one-off concert. In 2000, on the basis of this performance was released live album "Ban This!".

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