Stamen Grigorov

Picture of Stamen Grigorov

Date of Birth: 10/27/1878

Age: 67

Place of birth: Studen Izvor

Citizenship: Bulgaria


In 1905, he first describes the cause of lactic acid fermentation in yogurt - Bulgarian bacillus (Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp bulgaricus.). In 1906 Stamen Grigorov publishes the results of its successful development of TB vaccines. The December meeting of the academic medical faculty of the Sorbonne in 1906, under the chairmanship of Academician J. Laforet unanimously decides on the distribution of the results of his research in a special brochure, which is a full two years ahead of the opening of BCG. At the end of his life in Italy Grigorov develops the best for the time method for the treatment of tuberculosis - cura bulgara (Bulgarian treatment).

Mechnikov takes a keen interest in the discovery of the young Slav and sent him an invitation to report to the Institut Pasteur. After a remarkable performance Grigorov, he receives an invitation to work in the most prestigious scientific and medical institutions of his time. Prof. Masol glavnogoassistenta offers him a place, and later head of the department its place. Grigorov was also offered the post of the director of the South American branch of the Pasteur Institute in Sao Paulo.

In 1907 MD GA Makarov publishes the first scientific confirmation of the functional properties of Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Ilya Mechnikov repeats research Grigorov to personally confident in their consistency. In 1908, the annual publication of the French Academy of Sciences published an article confirming Mechnikov "A few words for kislago milk." Mechnikov himself praises him as a source of health and longevity, continually asserts its functional properties, and uses the rest of his life, not only the yogurt, and pure cultures of Lactobacillus bulgaricus.

Stamen Grigorov denies plurality immense opportunities for careers and research p Started to become a doctor and head of the district hospital in the town of Tran. He is deeply and sincerely loves his country, sees its difficulties in the early 20th century, and wants to do everything they can to speed up its development.

In 1912 Grigorov leaves for Balkan war as a mere lieutenant of the Medical Service. A little later he was again involved in the Bulgarian army in World War I, already a major health and chief of military field hospitals of the Southern Front. Then Petrichskuyu field cholera epidemic breaks out. Major Grigorov voluntarily accepts responsibility for combating a terrible disease. Fearlessly and selflessly risking their lives, Grigorov stop the epidemic and save thousands of troops of the Southern Front, and citizens Petrichskoy area. For this feat Bulgarian army major awards the most highest sign of military distinction - "The Order of bravery", and the civil authorities, in the face of the Bulgarian Red Cross - a gold medal "Red Cross".

In spite of the unceasing chores employment of physicians and the lack of research equipment, Stamen Grigorov not stop his scientific work on tuberculosis. Though not as fast as their counterparts in research institutes and universities, he is higher and higher advances in uncovering the etiology and pathogenesis of tuberculosis. In 1935 Grigorov received a special invitation and with great success treating patients with tuberculosis in the Italian spas "Wee Alba", "Garbanyate" and "Ospedale dei Bambini". His method has been recognized as the most successful and wealthy at the time. In medical circles it gets known as cura bulgara - Bulgarian treatment. In 1938 Grigorov report their findings at a scientific conference in Rome. After it, the Swiss authorities refer to the Italian request for the purchase of this method is to apply it in Swiss sanatoria.

At that time Stamen Grigorov receives many invitations to prestigious and visokooplachivyemye science and management positions in Rome, Switzerland and England. But he, after achieving success, as always, he went back to his home country to apply their knowledge and skills there.