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Birthday : 28.09.1982 year

Age: 33 year

Place of birth : Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Annie Erin Klark

Original name: Annie Erin Clark

Muse American indie rock

`St. Vincent` - pseudonym Annie Erin Clark (Annie Erin Clark), American singer and multi-instrumentalist. Since its inception in 2006, the `St.Vincent` became one of the most successful and popular solo projects in the history of American indie rock.

For quite diverse US indie rock scene creativity Clark stands out not because it`s worse or less popular than other indie -rock singers, but due to the fact that the music she produces by his stage name `St.Vincent`, so different from the usual sound

That even the most prominent critics are beginning to get lost in the determination of the sources of sound and mainstream. Creativity Annie Clark is extremely diverse and has many faces : the sound combined a variety of styles - from jazz to rock - and the lyrics ,critics called ` throwing between madness and schastem`, often ambiguous and confusing. Annie herself completely agreed with this definition : ` I like it when ideas come out of nowhere and a little dazzle you. I think that anyone who has ever occurred panic attack or disorder, can understand ,how things appear suddenly and suddenly acquire meaning. So my role - is to transfer this feeling in muzyku`.

The atmosphere of uncertainty hovers around the creativity not only of Annie, but also about her personality ; so almost all of the musicians with whom she had to work on stage and in the studio, admitted that ,though between them and setting the friendships they totally could not tell about what Clark really is, and what is hidden behind a talented musician and singer, in a few years to win the hearts of indie rock fans who, as we know, do not give up without a fight with one exception - creativity

`St. Vincent`,powerless before which not only they, but also criticism and even the most well-known music magazines.

Annie Clark was born September 28, 1982 in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Tulsa, Oklahoma). At age 12 she began playing the guitar at the same time working as a manager in the group of his uncle `Tuck & Patti`. After graduating from high school in 2001 andthe year she entered the Berklee College of Music (Berklee College of Music), but after three years of study, decided to leave it and try your hand at the scene. As she later recalled, the main problem of musical and artistic schools is misrepresented, that they do not have a unified system of evaluations; as long as you follow that ,what you learn - you can get somewhere, but to do this, you need to forget everything learned before. Upon returning to Texas, where at that time lived her family, Annie joined the famous group `The Polyphonic Spree`, for a time became one of the key members of the band, but in 2006-m Clark took a guitarist in the group Sufyan Stevens (Sufjan Stevens), a popular American indie folk musician. Around this time, she recorded her first mini-album `Paris Is Burning`, who began her solo career under the pseudonym ` St. Vincent`.

Talking about the origin of this strange nickname, Clark admitted ,that with him she related several major events : First, in the hospital of the same name made his last breath, Dylan Thomas (Dylan Thomas), Annie`s favorite poet : ` This is the place where poetry comes to die - it I`ll. Secondly, the same name was the average praprababushki Clark - St. Vincent.The first studio album `Marry Me` Clark released in 2007, the year on the label ` Beggars Banquet Records`. The album enjoyed success with fans and was well received by critics, who were then the first to draw attention to ` ` the St. sumasshestvie` music Vincent`. On the album includes songs that Clark wrote when she was 18-19 years old, but because, in her words ,It was better world than it actually is. One of the most popular songs of the album was a song called `Jesus Saves, I Spend`.

In 2009, she released her second album - `Actor`, - which, however, was only the prelude to the glory that Clark received after the presentation of the third album ` Strange Mercy`,debuted at 19 positions in the national hit parade in September of 2011. In an interview with the singer boldly stated that the happy album, but doubts that he will be remembered as the best of her work.

Exactly one year later, in September of 2012, the stores there was a record `Love This Giant`,that Clark has released a duet with David Byrne (David Byrne).

In 2014 `St. Vincent` released a new

, Self-titled album - `St. Vincent`, which went on sale in late February.

Despite the constant touring, joint projects and living under the gun lens biggest music publicationsAnnie keeps very closed and did not include themselves ` in the world of show biznesa`. In an interview with reporters she

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