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Year of birth : 1962

Age : 53 year

Citizenship : United States

Brand of luxury

`St. John Knits International Inc.`, Often referred to as the `St. John` - American fashion luxury brand, which specializes in the manufacture of women`s knitwear.

The company is known for its classic style and the extensive use of primary colors. Production of `St.John` can be defined by the edges of the knitted garments (most manufacturers prefer to sew them, even in knitwear) . The main target audience `St. John` are women who hold leadership positions, or women in positions of authority - hence the frequent use, such as the elements of decoration gold buttons ,that evoke military uniforms or captain tunics. Moderately heavy knits and flattering middle-aged women and highlights their attractive features. Sport line `St. John` includes slightly more fashionable, more youth are things that attract women thirties.

The company `St.John` was founded in 1962 by Robert (Robert Gray) Gray and Mary (Marie Gray). Initially face of the brand was the model Kelly Gray (Kelly Gray), the daughter of the company founder. Since then much has changed.

After Kelly supermodel Gisele Bundchen (Gisele Bundchen) has become the new face of the company.

Since the spring of 2006,Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie) has become the new face of the brand and the representative of `St. John`.

In 2010, the `St. John` announced that the company replaces the American movie star of the British supermodel Karen Elson (Karen Elson) after three years of cooperation. The reason for replacement, according to the company, was the fact ,that a huge thank aktrisyzatenyaet brand.

The company`s headquarters, which employs more than 1,300 employees, located in Irvine, California (Irvine, California). Products `St. John`, which annually brings the company more than $ 300 million (in 2010 sales amounted to 325 million) It is sold in specialty stores in 29 countries and 31 boutiques in the United States (United States). General Director is Glenn McMahon (Glenn McMahon).

Starting with luxury knitwear, `St. John` with time significantly expanded the range of products. Currently, under the brand name `St.John` issued the following lines : Evening, Couture, Yellow Label, Caviar, Swim, Accessories and Beauty

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St  John picture
St  John photo
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