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Year of birth : 1992

Age: 23 year

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


Los Angeles-based team "Spock`s Beard" was formed in 1992 by Neal Morse (vocals, keyboards) and his brother Alan (guitar) . The first to join their company drummer Nick D`Virdzhilio ,and later in the face of Dave Meros and I found a suitable bassist.

In 1994, the quartet recorded the album "The Light", composed of four long tracks and places reminiscent of creation "Genesis" and "Gentle Giant". The CD was warmly received by the public prog, and some critics even called it the " Decade of the album. "Even after the release of "The Light" the team came fifth member, keyboardist Rio Okumoto.

His debut on the "Official Live Bootleg", represents a live version of the first album, supplemented by one from the second track. In 1996, also came out and studiynik "Beware Of Darkness". Work on style reminiscent of the previous one,that`s just the length of songs (except the last) is significantly reduced.

Popularity Spock`s Beard "Spock`s Beard" slowly grew, and apart from that there was a demand on the individual team members. For example in 1996 D`Virdzhilio toured with "Tears For Fears", and in 1997 he was able to work with by the "Genesis".The same year saw the release of studiynika "The Kindness Of Strangers" and the advent of " bearded men " on LA "ProgFest" as headliners. In 1998, "Spock`s Beard" released a compilation of rare tracks "From The Vaults" and the European version of " official bootleg " "The Beard Is Out There".After the album "Day For Night" Neal Morse took the side of things : first, released a solo album "Neal Morse", and then became a member of supergroup "Transatlantic". However, his main project was not abandoned : the team toured regularly (including the opening act for "Dream Theater") and attended various festivals. At the end of the millennium " bearded " recorded several live albums - "Live At The Whisky And NEARfest", based on the performance in the Dutch city of Tilburg "Don`t Try This At Home" and "There And Here", which included a cover of "Deep Purple "(" Space Truckin` ") and " Led Zeppelin "(" Whole Lotta Love ").

Spock`s Beard published five studio records ,the band decided it was time to pile concept album. Work on it was quite a long time, and during this time Neil and Nick have released on solo album (later followed their example and Rio) . The theme "Snow" was built on the history of an albino teenager, which is supposed to be the new messiah. Touring in support of this album was no significant, because at that time the Nile turned to Christianity and decided to devote himself to religious music. For all other participants "Spock`s Beard" is, of course, was a big hit, because They lost not only the frontman, but also the main songwriter.

Nevertheless,Musicians did not curtail the activities, and moved on, leaving the role of lead vocalist Nick D`Virdzhilio. The first album without Neil markedly different from all previous works hard rock orientation and increased gloom, but already the next studiynik back "Spock`s Beard" to the traditional relief - epic sound.

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