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SpiritThe first album published on this label, so fascinated the audience with a mixture of psychedelia, jazz and rock that almost immediately became a bestseller.

This psychedelic American team became known mainly due to the game studio guitarist Randy California (Randy Craig Wolfe, p. 20 February 1951) . After playing for a while in his first band "Red roosters" Wolfe went to New York, where he met one of the clubs with Jimmy James. Jimmy and Randy liked each other in terms of playing the guitar and decided to play together. Here in their joint project "The blue flames" last and was given the nickname of California.With experience from a young Hendrix (namely, he was then James) Randy returned to Los Angeles, where he organized a new group, "Spiritis rebellious". The composition of the team, whose name was soon shortened to "Spirit", also included vocalist Jay Ferguson, bassist Mark Andes, keyboardist John Locke and old friend Wolff drummer Ed Cassidy. After the first demo, made in 1967, the quintet has received a contract from the "Ode Records".

The first album published on this label, so fascinated the audience with a mixture of psychedelia, jazz and rock that almost immediately became a bestseller. The second LP, "The Family That Plays Together", was accompanied by the hit single "I Got A Line On You",struck the hearts of Americans. In 1968, the group was invited to record the soundtrack for the film "The Model Shop", most of the music from which the plate, 1969 "Clear Spirit". Things "Spirit" went well and they have signed up to the majors, "Epic Records".

Debut this company has become a concept album "The Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus",very well received by fans group, but not adequately perceived by critics and somehow undeservedly who had low sales. Then began a period of trouble. First, Randy welled from his horse and injured his joints, resulting in the planned tour was canceled. Then, in late 1971 from the gang piled Andes and Ferguson ,founded a new project "Jo Jo Gunne". For some time he held the place of bassist John Arliss, but after a while the team was disbanded. Few thought better of California again gathered "Spirit" with Cassidy Locke and Al Steyeli, and in 1972 left his colleagues to fend for themselves, pursue a solo career. His brother tried to replace Al Christian, but recorded with them the album "Feedback" so disappointed all that Cassidy and Locke and slammed the door.

Brothers Steyeli hooked to their Cozy Powell and ride with him in Australia, but it did not work out good. Meanwhile, California, who had managed to record a solo album ,again I decided to re-create the "official ", " Spirit " in the company of Cassidy and Larry Knight on bass. In this configuration has been recorded yet another concept album, "Potatoland".

Is on a tour in Europe, the band sent a prisoner with writing on "Epic", but she was rejected for some reason and put on the shelf. Randy killed so this news ,he even attempted suicide by jumping from the bridge into the Thames. He managed to save, but after that he decided to quit the music and went to wash dishes at a Chinese restaurant. Cassidy same with Steven Lyle, Steve Edwards and Scott Shelley continued to travel on American clubs under the guise of "Spirit".After some time, California recovered from the shock and joined Cassidy. Threesomes with Barry Keane on bass, they recorded "Spirit of` 76 ", published already in the " Mercury Records ". But for the next sessions of the album "Further Along" the team returned Andes and Locke. After the release of "Future Games" in "Spirit" once again began a period of disunity and vacillation. Musicians diverge and converge, simultaneously changing the labels. In 1981, Locke went to the "Nazareth", and California again started his solo work. The original composition of the group came together in 1984, releasing the album "The Thirteenth Dream", consisting of both new material as well as remakes of earlier records. Randy and Ed then a few more times got together to record, or play any other seyshn. The latest reincarnation of " Spirit " was a part of : California, Cassidy, Matt Andes (guitar) , Rachel Andes (vocals) , Steve " Liberty " Loria (bass) . These musicians released the album "California Blues",which was attended by the composition "Look Over Yonder", written together with Hendrix California back in 1966. A January 2, 1997 Randy California drowned off the coast of Hawaii, having before that to save his son.

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