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Year of birth: 1996Age: 19 years

Place of birth: Los Angeles, Kalshiforniya, USA

Citizenship: United States


This team was established on the ruins of another losanzhelesskoy group, "Basic enigma". The reason for this was listening to her album parties "Fear factory" "Demanufacture".

Natives of the "Basic enigma", vocalist Jonny Santos,guitarist Mike Sarkisyan and drummer Tommy Decker, teamed up with bassist Robert Garcia and his new project named "Spineshank". After recording a demo, guys come in contact with guitarist "Fear factory" Dino Cazares and gave him to listen to the resulting material.Dino was delighted with a furious energy "Spineshank" and immediately offered to the musicians to perform the opening act for his band in the popular club "Whiskey A-Go-Go". This concert was the starting point for a series of other "otkryvashek": from "Coal chamber", "Snot", "Soulfly", "Sepultura", "Danzig", "Static-X","System of a Down" and other well-known groups. Spineshank Ultimately, a group of interested officials with "Roadrunner records", and in 1998 "Spineshank" got the contract. In September, they released their debut album, "Strictly diesel".His recording participated vocalist "Fear factory" Burton C Bell speaking guest at the final track ("Stain"). In addition to its own group disk material also contained a kind of a cover of the famous Beatles compositions "While my guitar gently weeps". The whole album was damp and despite active touring support,especially popular among the students did not use.

About "Spineshank" started talking seriously after the second operation, "The height of Callousness". It was produced by Garth Richardson ("Rage against the machine", "Kittie"), and the mixing of the album was engaged Scott Humphrey (Rob Zombie, "Methods of Mayhem").SpineshankSpustya year "Roadrunner" released digipack version of "The height of Callousness", supplemented with four bonus tracks, did not hit the original.

The album was much more successful than the debut. Znachitelnuyurol was played singles "Synthetic" and "New disease", made their way into television and radio. In 2001 ,"Spineshank" intensively toured all over the world, sharing the platform with "Disturbed", "Mudvayne", "hed PE" and "Orgy". In addition, the boys appeared at such an event as the "Ozzfest". Endless concerts tired musicians, and the guys wanted to rest, but they had to go back to the studio.Under the direction of the Richardson Group took up the third album cuts. Released in July 2003, "Self-Destructive Pattern" beat the popularity of the previous releases, and brought the team a place in the charts "Billboard" (89th position). And everything would be fine, but as it often happens, there was disagreement among the staff.This led to the fact that in early 2004, resigned frontman Jonny Santos, thereby putting into question the continued existence of "Spineshank".

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