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Year of birth : 1990

Age: 25 years

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States

BiographyIn 1987, guitarist Eric Shenkman (b. December 12, 1963) performed together with singer John Popper in a band called "Trucking Company". Some time later John joined the "Blues Traveler", and to replace the currently proposed to his school friend Chris Barron (b. February 5, 1968) . Later, Eric and Chris met with students of the jazz department of the New York music school Aaron CEN-SAD (born 24 April 1968 ;. Drums). It was then that the boys and decided to organize a project called "Spin doctors". With bass was tight at first, and to this position a lot of people have tried ,Aaron is not dragged into a gang of his friend from the group "Spade" Mark White (b. July 7, 1962) .

Each of the guys had their musical tastes (Mark listened to Prince Aaraon pinned by Coltrane, Eric was a fan of Al Green and Chris trailed by "Who"), and as a result, "Spin doctors" turned a cocktail of different styles : jazz, funk, blues and rock.

Spin doctors first public performance was a concert group at Columbia University in the late 1988 - early 1989 `s. In 1991 born the debut album "Dr.

"" Pocket Full Of Kryptonite ". This album brought the musicians to a string of hits such as " Little Miss Can`t Be Wrong "(

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