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Year of birth : 1971

Age: 44 year

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

BiographyThe group "Sparks" is essentially a family project Maels brothers Ron (born 12 August 1948 ;. Keyboards) and Russell (born October 5, 1953,. Vocals). In his youth Maelsy tried themselves as models, and for admission to the Los Angeles University decided to do music, knock together a band called "Halfnelson".

In this group were two more brothers ,Earl (guitar) and Jim (bass) , Mankiw, and drummer Haley Feinstein. The group came to the attention of Todd Rundgren, and under his leadership, has recorded the eponymous debut album. The eccentric art-rock did not immediately find a way to the hearts of listeners, and the plate has suffered a commercial failure.

At the insistence of the manager sign changed to "Sparks",and already under this name the album was re-released, and the composition "Wonder girl" came to the end of the charts. Recognition came with the release of "A Woofer In Tweeter`s Clothing", which contained the hit "Girl from Germany". There was a British tour, during which there the press wrote about a group of positive feedback.

SparksVpechatlennye such a reception ,Maelsy decided to stay in London, and took for themselves other part : Adrian Fisher (guitar) , Martin Gordon (bass) and Norman Diamond (drums) . This configuration has issued babblgamovy glam opus "Kimono my house", burst into the top five best English and include a pair of killer hit "This Town Ain`t Big Enough for the Both of Us" and "Amateur Hour".But the brothers were not enough and by making a few personnel changes, they are in the same year returned with the album "Propaganda" with blockbusters "Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth" and "Something for the Girl With Everything". The success of the group contributed significantly to the ironic lyrics that "Sparks" was placed on the plates of the envelopes.

In 1975-m team teamed up with producer Tony Visconti and recorded the album "Indiscreet", but the drive was less successful than previous releases, and Maelsy decided to go back to the States. There they are using different sessionschikov made a couple studiynikov in his eccentric style, and then turned their eyes toward the disc using Giorgio Moroder. Under the guidance of producer "Sparks" recorded the album "Number One in Heaven", who returned to the band in the UK charts with a series of hits - "The Number One Song in Heaven", "Beat the Clock" and "Tryouts for the Human Race".

SpaksSdelav another disco plate Maelsy plunged into the abyss of synth -pop. The pinnacle of their work in this style was the disc "Angst In My Pants", which attracted the attention of the audience on both sides of the Atlantic such compositions like "Angst In My Pants", "Mickey Mouse", "The Decline And Fall OF Me" and "Nicotina". In 1984, "Sparks" returned to the electronic experiments on the disk "Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat",causing confusion ran into the audience. The band released a couple of albums, and then permanently disappeared from view.

Comeback took place in 1993 with the single "National Crime Awareness Week", and another full-length, "Gratuitous Sax and Senseless Violins", appeared in the following year. The next release of the "Sparks" was released in 1997-m, and is a collection of radical recycled hits. The present fresh material was presented at the 2000 album and 2002. At the last of these releases Maelsy once again surprised the audience by writing a disc without using a shock.

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Sparks photo
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