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Rock band from the United States, led by singer - multi-instrumentalist Mark Linkous, who recorded most of the material in his home studio.The drummer and multi-instrumentalist Scott Minor -non-permanent member of the band.

The first album of Sparklehorse, Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot (1995) , was a modest success on college radio. In 1996, during Sparklehorse and Radiohead joint tour of Europe, it has occurred Linkous overdosed with a mixture of anti-depressants, valium,alcohol and heroin, adopted them in a London hotel room. Linkus stayed unconscious by itself with bent legs, for 14 hours, and the critical concentration of potassium in the blood for several minutes caused him cardiac arrest. The subsequent operation almost led to the amputation of both legs and chained Linkous to a wheelchair for six months.Album Good Morning Spider (1998) was written shortly after the incident. Critics have noted that NDE set albomuton though Linkous said that much of the material for the Good Morning Spider was recorded earlier. One of the songs is really relevant to the tragedy - "St. Mary";it is dedicated to the eponymous nurses Hospital in Paddington where Linkous was treated.

In 2001 the release of the third Sparklehorse album, entitled It`s A Wonderful Life. The album was attended by Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, Vic Chesnutt, Nina Persson and Dave Friedmann.If the previous albums were mainly recorded by Linkous in his Static King studio on a farm in Virginia, working on a new album was under the control of Friedman as the label demanded Linkous hiring a third-party producer.

Fifth day of September 2006, Sparklehorse released their fourth album, Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain,a record which was attended by Danger Mouse, Christian Fennesh and Steven Drozd. The album includes the radio hit "Don`t Take My Sunshine Away", a new version of the song "Shade And Honey", originally written for Linkous Alessandro Nivola and film Laurel Canyon, and bonus track for "It`s A Wonderful Life" -

"Morning Hollow".

March 6, 2010 Mark Linkous,after several attempts, committed suicide.

Music style

Pitchfork Media described Linkous songs as "defiantly surrealist. .. with all these references to smiling babies, organ music, birds and celestial bodies. .. In fact, part of the text so surreal, it`s hard to even imagine what they can serve as a metaphor."Many of the aforementioned revolutions Sparklehorse lyrics are references to a variety of movies and music.

Appearances in media

* Two Sparklehorse songs appear on the soundtrack to the film "Laurel Canyon." In the film,a fictional group is trying to write his version of the song "Someday I will treat you good" (from the album "Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot"). Mark Linkous also plays in the film a cameo.

* A cover version of the song "Sad and Beautiful World", sung by Paul Dano, appears in the film "The King".* The OST pro skateboarding "Lords of Dogtown" (2005) logged a cover version of Pink Floyd song "Wish You Were Here", recorded Linkus and Tom York skyline from Radiohead.

* In 2005 a Sparklehorse and The Flaming Lips recorded a cover - version songs Denia Johnston "Go". Song appears in the movie "The Sasquatch Gang".* In the trailer for the film "Dawn of the Dead (movie, 2004) ," the song sounds "It`s a Wonderful Life."

* In the film of 2004 "Dandelion" sounds song "It`s a Wonderful Life".


Key albums

* Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot (August 1995, UK # 58)

* Good Morning Spider (October 1998, UK # 30) * It`s a Wonderful Life (June 2001, UK # 49) * Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain (September 25, 2006, US Heatseekers # 11, UK # 60)

Singles and EP

* "Chords I`ve Known EP" (April 1995)

* "Spirit Ditch" / "Waiting for Nothing" (1995)

* "Hammering the Cramps" / "Too Late" (1995)* "Someday I Will Treat You Good" / "Rainmaker" (February 1996)

* "Someday I Will Treat You Good" / "London" (February 1996, the British edition)

* "Hammering the Cramps" / "Spirit Ditch" (April 1996)

* "Rainmaker" / "I Almost Lost My Mind" (August 1996, UK # 61)

* "Come On In" / "Blind Rabbit Choir" (February 1998) * "Painbirds" / "Maria`s Little Elbows" (July 1998)

* "Sick of Goodbyes" / "Good Morning Spider (session version)" (October 1998, UK # 57)

* "Distorted Ghost EP" (July 2000)

* "Chest Full of Dying Hawks (` 95 -`01) "(USA promo) (2001)

* "Gold Day" / "Heloise" / "Devil`s New" / Maxine " (July 2001)

* "Ghost in the Sky" 7 "and CD (September 11, 2006) * "Don`t Take My Sunshine Away" 7 " (18 September 2006)

* "Knives of Summertime" 7 " (18 September 2006)

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