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Year of birth : 1984

Age: 31 year

Place of Birth : Seattle,Washington, United States

Citizenship : United States


This American quartet from Seattle came under the influence of such groups like "Led Zeppelin", "Stooges", "Velvet underground" as well as most early British and shtatovskih punk bands. His appearance resulted in a dirty, sweaty, sexy and determined a new rock `n ` roll. A group of Chris Cornell (born July 20, 1964, Seattle, USA. Vocals, guitar) , Kim Teyila (born September 4, 1960, Seattle, USA. Guitar). Hiro Yamamoto (born September 20, 1968, Okinawa, Japan ; bass) and Matt Cameron (born November 28, 1962, San Diego, USA. drums) invited the audience sound, characterized by rigid ,bass loaded with metal riffs, which was between the dark melancholy and avant-garde minimalism. Cornell `s vocal style and unique lyrics finished effect.

The first record of "Soundgarden" was EP 1987 "Screaming life", which became the second release ,released today at an extremely influential label "Sub Pop Records", and staked out their territory. In fact, Teyil brought together the owners of this company Bruce Pavitt and Jonathan of CD. After the release of the EP " Fopp ", the band became the first generation of "Sub Pop", which attracted the attention of "A & M records", although their debut album " Ultramega OK"It was implemented through the "SST records", to show "Soundgarden" independent policy.

Soundgarden Ultimately, "A & M" released their disc "Louder Than Love", one of the most underrated and nontrivial rock albums of 1989. After its release, Cameron and Cornell have participated in the creation of album "Temple of the dog" (which sold two million) , the company with future participants of "Pearl jam" Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament. At the end of record "Louder Than Love" Yamamoto was replaced by Jason Everman (ex - "Nirvana"),although the latter played only on one track (a cover version of "Beatles" "Come together"), and then dumped in the "Mindfunk". His replacement was the friend of the band, Ben " Hunter " Shepherd (b. September 20, 1968, United States) .

"Badmotorfinger" was built on the successful combination of sound group with added insistent riffs, rattling, but the melodic sound of the guitar ,Specifies the style of grunge, with their own views on politics, religion and society. MTV constantly twisted song "Jesus Christ Pose" group. The joint "US Illusions" tour with "Guns

N`Roses " deservedly opened for " Soundgarden " a much wider audience. Soundgarden "Superunknown" album created on this material made its debut with the first place in the charts "Billboard" March 19, 1994. Produced by Michael Beynhornom ("Soul asylum", "Red hot chili peppers"), and the group itself, it was a gorgeous opus of fifteen songs of more than 70 minutes.Eventually sold more than three million copies, he was accompanied by the Australasian tour in January 1994, hedlaynerstvom festival "Big Day Out" (which involved "Ramones", "Smashing pumpkins" and "Teenage Fanclub"), as well as concerts in Japan. "Down on the upside" was another beautiful album "Soundgarden".The disc sounded intense, but highly melodic hard rock. However, while it is recording at the Cornell had serious problems with drugs.

Disagreements in the group led in April 1997 to a split "Soundgarden". Cameron went to "Pearl Jam" and Cornell solo career.

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