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Year of birth : 1960

Age: 55 years

Place of birth : San Francisco, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

BiographyFormed in 1966, the group "Sopwith Camel" was the first team from San Francisco, has achieved worldwide success, but not, however, managed to stay on the wave of popularity more than a few months. The main merit of "Sopwith Camel" - the song "Hello Hello", which was the first national hit ,Frisco born and anticipating the future success of the psychedelic bands United States west coast.

Founded team Terry McNeil and Peter Kramer, whose fate had in one of the book shops. Terry was at that time a student at the Institute of Fine Arts, where he studied graphics and simultaneously tried to write poetry. Besides,he played the piano and classical guitar and played in various bands since 16 years. Peter, who became the vocalist, arrived in San Francisco from the suburbs in search of a good school.

A month after dating guys arranged the audition and picked up for their guitarist and drummer. They accordingly became William Sievers and Norman Meyell ,Play up to this for some time with a future legend of the white blues Mike Bloomfield.

Sopwith Camel for the full set in the team lacked a bass player, who also quickly found. He was a native of London, an old friend and hereditary Meyella bassist (his father worked in the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra) , Martin Beard. After much thought, the group chose the name "Sopwith Camel" (in honor of the legendary aircraft of the First World War era) , proposed by Cramer. Since the team had a producer and a label ("Kama Sutra") with "Loving Spoonful" (and similar style) , many thought that the "Sopwith Camel" were from New York, not San Francisco. Real success came to the team with the release of "Hello Hello" song (beginning in 1967) , the move has got into the top ten. It was followed by two more singles (but did not have the same success as the first) and a good debut album, which caused a lot of conflicting reviews. In the wake of the success of "Sopwith Camel" toured a lot ,sharing platforms with "Young rascals", "Rolling stones", "Who" and, of course, "Lovin` spoonful". There were even cases that they played as the opening act "Jefferson Airplane" and "Grateful Dead".

Sopwith Camel, however, the internal tension in the team rapidly heated to a limit, and the band actually broke up ,and not being able to really profit by the popularity of "Hello Hello". Several years have passed without any reyunonov Martin played in all sorts of second-rate teams, Norman was doing studio work for the Jacobsen producer Peter languished in abject poverty, Terry ventured on a journey to India, and under the pseudonym William Trakevey recorded a solo album. held revival "Sopwith Camel" Two years later, as occasion served as a commercial interest of the company to the song "Hello hello", from which the advertising jingle was supposed to happen. Having signed a contract with the "Warner Bros", the band went into the studio to record a second album.

William Sievers did not participate in the reunion ,but by the end of the sessions in the team showed up Jimmy Stringfellow, who played keyboards, horns and guitar. The work was the album "The Miraculous Hump Returns from the Moon", released in 1972. He had little to do with the first plate, and was a very strange pridzhazovanny rock `n ` roll. Disc enjoyed some success ,but after touring in support of the band broke for the second time and now finally.

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