Sonja Kirchberger

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Date of Birth: 09/11/1964

Age: 52

Place of birth: Vienna

Citizenship: Austria


She was born in Vienna (Austria). For ten years, she took lessons in classical ballet, from 1974 to 1978 was engaged in the ballet of the Vienna Opera.

Sonja Kirchberger loves contrasts that can be seen in her roles. "Disclose to the public his soul - it is one of the biggest challenges currently I experiment, I`m happy, and I`m learning.", - He says the charming actress, which sold out on their performances proved to be a sex symbol can be significant in the classical theater.

Sony debut took place in Robert Van Acker "Venus Trap" (Venusfalle, Die). This film is considered the most beautiful Austrian film about the physical pleasure. The image of sex symbol does not bother Mrs Kirchberger. "I erotomanka Without erotic life is dead." - Says Sonia, asserting that it is the most wonderful feeling after love. "I need an excessive dose of life." No woman does not feel offended if it is referred to the sex symbols.

She never feels shy, demonstrating his flawless body in the spotlight. She proved this not only in "Venus Trap". Already twice Sonia dream of men shot for "Playboy." "If they want me for forty years, I get undressed again." The words of a confident woman who, in her own words, had a difficult childhood. "Kirchberger do not cry!" - Still in my ears are the words of her mother. Ten years in a Catholic school, where they had to deny themselves in many ways, and observe the strictest discipline. After that, ten years classical ballet lessons and grueling workouts, "as long as the bones are not zatreschat". She always had to be in shape and be obedient.

When she was 21, she worked as an assistant dentist, and starred as a model for a furniture catalog. Here it and noticed the van Acker, and then invited to the "Venus Trap". Even now, many men are sweating hands when they think of her debut in this film. But even after the sensational success of need perezhitslavu, stand in front of her. To do this, Sonja Kirchberger took many years. "Or do you immediately cease to do it, or you learn it properly." Such doubts were Sonia about himself in the profession of actress. For a while she did not work, and took lessons in acting, singing and speech formulation. "I did everything to achieve the goal", - said Kirchberger that everything else had time to give birth to a daughter in 1987.

She has worked tirelessly over the other. Finally we received proposals on the roles that emphasized not only her body but also character. But despite this, Sonya, and to this day is a pleasure to be a dream of men, the only difference is that today it is a real actress. Criticism is favorable to it, regardless of whether it is played in the film or theatrical production.

However, in my personal life, "happy-end" is not yet come. She broke up with the father of her daughter, a Viennese lawyer, after five years of marriage, when her daughter was two months old. Men who appeared later, were it not for long. Those men with whom she appears in public now, only serve food for rumors and gossip in the tabloids. This was mostly worthless. "I live a life full of intense, but I am not the owner. I can go, I can safely live alone." What has not yet found the man for whom it would be possible to get married, is not the reason for despondency. "I have yet wild horse, too young to get married. But not later than in 4-5 years I will stop his acting work. Then I would like to get married, be a good housewife, mother, friend and lover."

It is engaged in furnishing his home in Mallorca. Sonia`s head goes to work on new unusual projects. Her debut single - "Sonia Feat AD -. Erotic" - a joint project with the New York rapper Anthony Douglas. This dance with the choruses of the cult classics of the 80s "Atomic".

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