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Year of birth : 1960

Age: 55 years

Place of birth : Tacoma, Washington, USA

Citizenship : United States

BiographyAlthough the team from the American Northwest and have not reached the status of national stars, it has had considerable influence on subsequent generations of musicians. "The Sonics" famously performed covers of Little Richard and Chuck Berry, but the most memorable public own material.

The texts inspired by horror films, distortion,loud guitars and hysterical vocals done things like "(She`s a) Witch", "Boss Hoss", "Cinderella", "Psycho" and "Strychnine" classic garage rock. The group was born in Tacoma (WA) in the early 60s and in the beginning was a purely instrumental band. At first it consisted of guitarists Larry Paripa and Stuart Turner, drummer Mitch Jaber, as well as a saxophonist and bassist whose name history has not preserved (later occupied these positions Mebin Tony and brother Larry, Andy Paripa) .

When Stewart went into the army, on lead guitar Rick Koch came from "The Wailers" (Bob Marley has nothing to do with it). Almost simultaneously Jaber succeeded Bill Dean, and the group appeared vocalist Marilyn Lodge. In 1963, Koch and the Lodge left, and became the new frontman Ray Michelson. Looking for drummer Larry came to a " informer " of the local band "The Searchers" (not to be confused with the British team) Bob Bennett.

SonicsChut later from the same team have been " stolen " klavishnik-Jerry grew vocalist and saxophonist Rob Laynd, and thus part of "The Sonics" has found its classical form. Pervonachalnogruppa won the sympathy of the local audience, content with concerts on the dance floors ,. However, in 1965 the bass player the other team above the garage, "Wailers",Buck Ormsby organized a " Sonic " contract with "Etiquette Records", and they have tried themselves in the record. In the studio, "Sonics" behaved very insolently, and kept trying to unscrew the adjustment amps at full speed. The first single, "The Witch", created a furor and became the best-selling in the North West album. Who-it saw in the lyrics some sedition, so put it on the air only at an inopportune time, however, these " reprisals " only warmed up interest of the public.

The first album was a true masterpiece of garage rock. In "Here Are The Sonics!" It sounded rude, aggressive, reckless rock `n ` roll. Especially succeeded composition ,Rosli written : "(She`s a) Witch", "Psycho" and "Strychnine". The lines of the last song is very accurately reflect the essence of the "Sonics" of that period : "some people like water / some people like wine / but I like the taste. .. /. .. of straight Strychnine" (" someone who loves the water, someone -That drinking wine, but I prefer pure strychnine ") . SonicsVtoroy album was not a hooligan, but was still good : only one interpretation of "Louie Louie" what cost ! In 1966, a team from Tacoma has significantly improved their status, and she trusted to open their concerts such groups as the "Beach Boys", "Mamas & Papas", "Herman`s Hermits", "Jan & Dean", "Jay & the Americans ""Kinks", "Lovin` Spoonful", "Byrds" and others. In the wake of the success of "The Sonics" have subscribed to label "Jerden Records" and went to Hollywood to prepare a third album. As it turned out, he did not bring major contract " Sonic " good luck, but rather contributed to the collapse of the group. Made under the supervision of producer Jerry Dennona "Introducing The Sonics" I had a very polished sound and did not make much of an impression on the audience.

The team began the fermentation, and the musicians began to slowly leave, who receive education, and who in other groups. After replacing Rosli Jim Brady team kakoe-While he is working under the name "Jim Brady & The Sonics", but a lack of fresh musical ideas, a complete departure from the original sound and permanent staffing fever led to a complete end of its operations.

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Sonics photo
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