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Year of birth : 1981

Age: 34 year

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States

BiographyThis US team was founded in 1981 by guitarists Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo. Both guitarists arrived in Manhattan in New York at the height of the post-punk movement "No wave". There they met with the avant-garde composer Glenn Branca, whose dissonant guitar music became the basis for the early sound "Sonic youth".Moore attracted to participate in the group of his girlfriend Kim Gordon holding a bass guitar. In the summer of 1981 the debut performance of the team in the "Noise festival". At that time, the group also includes keyboardist Ann DeMarinis and drummer Richard Edson. DeMarinis soon left the band, and the remaining quartet recorded the EP debut ,Branca label released "Neutral records". In 1983, Edson dumped from "Sonic youth" and decided to try his luck in the field of cinema. He was replaced by Bob Bert, drums on the first LP the group, "Confusion is sex". The ensemble has supported the first European album tour.Later that year the band released EP "Kill yr idols" on the German label "Zensor".

In early 1984, Moore attempted to enter into a contract with the British independent firm "Doublevision", but the demo there was not accepted. However, one of the label`s owners, Paul Smith, specifically for "Sonic youth" created "Blast first records".Sonic youthPoka whole bodyaga stretched, the band released a live album, "Sonic Death: Sonic Youth Live", released only on cassette. In 1985, "Blast first" was released disc "Bad moon rising", received good reviews in the music underground press. The album was markedly different from earlier releases - sound became more smoothed ,although dissonant sound remains. After the EP "Death Valley 69 " Bert was replaced by Steve Shelley, who became the permanent drummer. "Bad Moon Rising" has attracted considerable attention in the American underground circles also began to receive offers from reputable companies. But "Sonic youth" went the other way, signing a contract with "SST",where "EVOL" released in 1986. The group became popular among wide circles of youth, and with the release of "Sister" it began to pay attention to such respectable publications as "Rolling stone".

Indeed a major achievement of the ensemble was the double album "Daydream Nation", who enjoyed wide popularity among teenagers. The hit from this CD was the song "Teenage Riot". Although the plate like a lot, the company is engaged in distribution business very badly led and sales were very low.

Sonic youthV result of "Sonic youth" decided to abandon the indie - services firms and moved to major label. Released in late 1990, "Goo" chalk more focused sound ,although the group has not renounced its noise aesthetics. As a result, this album became the first in the discography of "Sonic youth", reached the Top 100. On the next drive command tried to copy the raw sound of Granger -type "Mudhoney" and "Nirvana". Although "Dirty" was really grungy soundcompared with the early work of the group, he still looked like a poppy. By the way, the album was produced by Butch Vig, is also working on " of Nevermind ," " Nirvana ". Due to such hits as " 100 %", "Youth Against Fascism" and "Sugar Kane", "Sonic youth" were soon hailed one of the godfathers of " alternative ". With the same producer Vig album was recorded in 1994 "Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star", who took the US number 34 th and 10 th - in the UK, which was the greatest team achievement. In 1995, "Sonic youth" began headlining tour "Lollapalooza".

Very good response in the press was the next disc of the collective ,"Washing Machine". After that, "Sonic youth" released several experimental EP on their own label. In the summer of 2002, is expected to release a new album.

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Sonic Youth picture
Sonic Youth photo
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