Sonia Ahmed

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Nationality: Kuwait

Who taught Pakistan beauty contests?

Sonia Ahmed - a prominent Pakistani activist world of fashion and beauty; actual pioneer entire Pakistani industry of beauty contests and talent.

Sonia was born in a family-Muslim Pakistanis in Kuwait (Kuwait City). Geography childhood Ahmed wide, the girl managed to live in Kuwait, Toronto (Toronto) and Dubai (Dubai). School she began attending more in Kuwait; later her family moved to Canada, where the girl continued her studies. With the study, Ahmed coped more than adequately; in school, she was one of the best, and the University of Ottawa (where she studied business and entrepreneurship), even honored her scholarship. Some time was engaged Sonia accounting, but later she decided to switch to a different branch; her interested in different kinds of competitions.

Before Sonia Ahmed of beauty pageants in Pakistan and not really heard; Ahmed has managed to radically change the situation. The woman was able to organize in the country their version of the three major beauty contests and provide all the necessary infrastructure for their conduct and organizational elements. Living in Toronto, Ahmed managed to penetrate Western culture; she herself felt neither more nor less than the herald of progress and freedom for all Pakistani women. Sonia thought indeed globally; New beauty pageants for her had become a means for the organization of cultural ties.

Ahmed planned to show the world that the country is rich and her beauty and talent, thus making it easier for a new generation of Pakistanis integration into the outside world.

In 2002, the first beauty contest was held by Sony Ahmed, `Miss Canada Pakistan`; over the next three years, Ahmed regularly arranged for Pakistani beauty contests, for whatever prichineprozhivavshih in Canada. In 2006, the name of the competition changed to `Miss World Pakistan`; contest went global and began to form Sony the civil rights struggle. Promoting this competition, Ahmed claimed the right of young and married women in Pakistan to make a decision and scoring of opinions on international level and importance.

In 2007, the world was revealed a new contest, `Mrs. World Pakistan`; it was attended by Pakistani married from around the world. Earlier, a married woman from Pakistan participated in a beauty contest was something incredible; through the efforts of Sonia Ahmed them opened entirely new horizons. scale competition was not so great, but noticed him all who followed.

In 2011, Ahmed suggested a new competition, `Mr World Pakistan`; Competition was aimed at a relatively young men. In this innovation Pakistanis, taught by the experience of previous competitions, reacted calmly.

Sonia Ahmed made his own; Pakistan had begun to adopt Western culture and respond to previously seemed incredible innovations relatively calmly and coolly. Beauty contests are regularly held in the country and much noise is not caused. Even conservatives initially actively opposed the planned Ahmed eventually reconciled and have learned to accept the new.

In 2014 Sonia Ahmed shot his first documentary, `I Shall Dance`; to be published in September, he was to 2014 in Toronto.

It is known that Sonia Ahmed actively sponsors a number of charitable projects around the world; In particular, she performed in November of 2011 in India, taking part in various meetings and events on the Indo-Pakistan relations, and women`s rights.